Satire: Alternate uses for Wild Horse Wednesday

Students walk around the club fair.

Photo by Marybeth Connelly

Mason students enjoy Wild Horse Wednesday’s Service Fair, learning about different ways to get involved in our local communities. Wild Horse Wednesday is a new addition to George Mason this year. (Photo by Marybeth Connelly)

Liam Timar-Wilcox and Sam Mostow

Many students at George Mason High School were skeptical when the concept of a ‘Wild Horse Wednesday’ was introduced at the start of the school year. This extra block is used for various purposes, including class assemblies and a course selection fair. However, if ideas ever run thin, the Lasso has created a few suggestions for new Wild Horse Wednesday sessions.

Extra mustang block, to allow students to cope with the amount of work.

Students at Mason sometimes complain about the work levels assigned to them, so why not give us extra time to complete this work?

Cramming for the inevitable test you forgot about

You forgot that you have a math test today…again. With your grade already lower than you want it, use this extra hour to cram and pray that you get at least a D.

Binge Netflix

We all love The Office. Let’s use this time for everyone to pull out their phones and watch it. Or you can be social with your friends. Either one.

Sell a parking space in the senior parking lot on StubHub

Congratulations! You acted in time to buy a parking space in the senior parking lot–which is more than you can say for many of your friends. You can take the bus one day and use the time to sell the parking space on StubHub for a massive profit.

Buy a parking space in the senior parking lot on StubHub

You see the forecast for tomorrow and it is going to be eight degrees with a windchill down to negative five. You really don’t want to stand outside in the freezing cold, so use this extra hour to buy a parking pass for that day.

Nap time

You stayed up last night until 3 a.m. to finish your AP Gov homework and three cups of coffee haven’t been able to keep you awake. You deserve a quick nap.

Poke at the raccoon above the Spanish classrooms

Want a little adventure? Take the first broom you can find and start poking at a ceiling tile in one of the Spanish classrooms, and with just a little luck, you’ll find Enrique.

DISCLAIMER: This is probably a bad idea. The Lasso is not responsible for any injuries caused by poking at raccoons.