Mason band shines at Districts

Students play instruments in all black.

The band warms up before their performance at Districts. They went on to receive all superior ratings. Photo courtesy of FCCPS/Ari Autor.

Erin Dean, Editor-in-Chief

Mason band has once again achieved some of the highest scores at a competition, this time at the District 10 Band Assessment, taking place on Friday, March 1.

The band, specifically the Wind Ensemble, achieved all “1s,” which is the highest rating given out. The band was also competing in the highest level of difficulty, level six. At the performance, they performed three different pre-prepared pieces as well as one sight read piece, which is an unseen piece that they have to perform with only seven minutes to prepare.

“No one was really expecting it. No one thought we were going to get 1s, so it was a huge surprise. Everyone was really psyched,” said junior tuba player, John Kelley.

District 10 is comprised of schools from all over Fairfax and Alexandria, which just makes Mason’s scores that more impressive. The competition took place at West Potomac High School in Alexandria and Annandale, Edison, Falls Church, Hayfield, Lee, Mount Vernon, South County, Stuart, West Potomac were the high schools that competed.

On March 14, Mason band will be traveling to Nashville to perform at Vanderbilt University, where they will participate in a clinic. Instead of performing pieces for judges, they will be doing a rehearsal and then will be given feedback by an expert. Student musicians are hoping to receive positive feedback.

“I’d like to get better. We switched all of our music up. I’m looking for a good time,” said Kelley.