Game of Thrones: Teacher vs. Character

Jay Nesson, Staff Reporter

For those of you who watch this spectacular show, you know that nothing compares. I have spent countless hours invested in this show and I regret nothing.

This show is not only binge-worthy TV but also a great conversation show where if you find another “throny” you will be able to talk for hours and have an instant friend. Unless of course, their favorite character is Joffrey.

The beauty of Game of Thrones is that there is no clear antagonist and you basically decide who to get emotionally invested in. This can be a blessing and a curse because main characters are killed off left and right when you least expect it.

I have met two types of people in this world:  those who love Game of Thrones and those who have never seen Game of Thrones or given it a chance. I find it absolutely baffling if people either don’t give the show a chance or immediately say, “Oh naww, I’m not into ‘magic’ or dragons.” I can guarantee that after watching a single season of this show you will want your own dragon. I know I do.

The show’s final season starts this Sunday and I could not be more excited. Below are some funny comparisons of GOT characters to our Mason teachers.  *If you have not seen this show you may not get the references so I recommend you subscribe to an HBO account right this instant and start watching.*

These comparisons of Game of Thrones characters to teachers who work at George Mason are based on looks and personality. This is not meant to offend anyone and is intended to be a fun and entertaining piece with a pinch of satire. 

Mr. Pikrallidas = Maester Aemon

Though Mr. Pikrallidas and Maester Aemon are both old, that is not the only thing they have in common. Mr. Pikrallidas has been a professor and a teacher for a very long time. In Game of Thrones, a Maester is a wise man who knows the history of the world and everything you need to know about families and houses. They are both educators in a sense. Maester Aemon is Blind and Mr. Pikrallidas is getting there.

Mr. Hills = Robert Baratheon

Mr. Hills is the king of George Mason just as Robert Baratheon was the King of the Seven Kingdoms in the first season of Game of Thrones. After suffering a fatal drunken accident while hunting boars, Robert Baratheon was killed off in the middle of Season one. A word of advice to Mr. Hills – don’t go on any drunken boar hunts.

Mr. Harris = Stannis Baratheon

Stannis Baratheon and Mr. Harris look very similar but don’t really act anything alike. Good thing too – otherwise we would need to keep Mr. Harris’ daughters away from fire.

Coach Green = Walder Frey

Other than the fact that they’re identical, Coach Green and Walder Frey have the same voice and witty dark humor as one another. If you receive any wedding invitations from Coach Green, never let your guard down.

Mr. Walsh = Jaime Lannister

Jaime Lannister had long hair in his earlier seasons of GOT,  just as Mr. Walsh is known as the teacher with the long, wavy flow. During the series, Jaime gets a haircut and cleans up nicely and so does Mr. Walsh every once in a while. In season one, Jaime was an antagonist where he only cared about himself and his family. Similarly, Mr. Walsh has a reputation as a very harsh grader. As the show progresses, Jaime finds his morals and eventually becomes a protagonist. Once you’re in Mr. Walsh’s class, you realize he is an awesome guy who does grade harshly, but fairly.    

Mr. Laub = Tyrion Lannister

Mr. Laub is the head of the journalism staff where he stays up to date on current events and is on top of things that happen in the school. Tyrion Lannister’s famous quote is “I drink and I know things”. Although Mr. Laub has never mentioned his relationship with alcohol, he is definitely very knowledgeable.    

Coach Amerine = Tywin Lannister

Tywin Lannister’s character most resembles Coach Amerine. Both can be harsh, but each always have a clever mind for strategy and know how to play the game.

Mrs. Frisbie = Talisa Stark

This is Mrs. Frisbie’s first year here at Mason. I don’t have a class with her, but she has a great attitude every time I see her in the hallway. Talisa Stark is a volunteer nurse caring for the injured when she meets her soon to be husband Robb Stark. Both have great attitudes.


Sra. Albert = Missandei

Sra. Albert is very kind, polite, and well spoken. Just like Missandei, they both speak multiple languages. Missandei was originally a slave and later freed by Daenerys Targaryen. She stays on to serve as Daenerys’s top advisor and translator as she is very good with languages and communicating with people.        

Mr. Carrico = Podrick

Podrick is the known squire in the universe of Game of Thrones. He is always right there to help and assist with simple tasks. Similarly, Mr. Carrico is also the one to help and assist in answering the questions of kids in need.  

Mr. Knight = Samwell Tarly

If you ever need help with technology, Mr. Knight is always the person teachers suggest to see because he is the best with computers. Samwell Tarly is the Mr. Knight of Game of Thrones since he is the one to figure out the biggest jaw-droppers in the series by looking through old books and so forth.    

Mr. Whitcomb = Petyr Baelish

Mr. Whitcomb is known for his clever comments and comebacks during his class. Like Mr. Whitcomb, Petyr Baelish could be the most clever character in Game of Thrones. Although Baelish plays both sides and it eventually leads to his own demise, he did what he did best throughout his lifetime. Mr. Whitcomb, if you ever come face to face with the three-eyed Raven, you’re screwed.    

Officer Gagnon = The Mountain

The Mountain in Game of Thrones was killed by a poisonous blade, but was later brought back to life as a servant for Queen Cersei, promising he will not speak until all the evil in Westeros is destroyed. Officer Gagnon has taken on that same responsibility minus the non-speaking part to keep the evil out of George Mason. Both are absolute units.  

Mr. McAdam = Daario Naharis

Daario Naharis could be the slickest character in Game of Thrones. He doesn’t care about what anyone thinks and he just does him. Mr. McAdam could be the slickest teacher in George Mason with his ravishing good looks and dope personality. I’ve never seen Mr. McAdam fight, but if I did, I bet he would be as good if not better than Daario Naharis.