The choir department: Starting out the year fortissimo


Chamber Singers start off the day bright and early. Left to Right: junior Emily Ives, junior Meghan Carroll, freshman Matthew Bloss-Baum, freshman Ailene Neal, sophomore Bee Doss, junior Jack Lindly, sophomore Sam Mostow, sophomoreEleanor Gieser, and freshman Emma Hart. (Photo by Eva Williams)

Eva Williams, Staff Reporter

Most mornings before school, laughter and singing can be heard from the end of the E Hallway. Walk into the choir room, and you’ll be overwhelmed by the controlled chaos of the Chamber Singers. 

Chamber Singers, the advanced, audition-based choir, meets every morning from 7:00-7:50, except Wednesdays. Students sit in a neat row, facing the choral department’s director, Mrs. Sample. An alumnus of Elon University, she has been sharing her energetic love of choir with students for the past three years. She can be found handing out sheets of music, playing riffs on the piano, or leading choreography to prepare the students for an upcoming performance. 

Students stand around piano

Mrs. Sample leads the Chamber Singers through “Sing” by Pentatonix. (Photo by Eva Williams)

“The choir is such a community. Once you walk in, you just feel so accepted and loved,” said junior Emily Ives. “It’s just so fun! We have a whole choir culture. We have our choir jokes and we just have a fun time together.”

The group is currently working on “Sing,” a piece by the a cappella group Pentatonix.

The piece is challenging, according to Chamber Singers freshman Matthew Bloss-Baum. “We have a lot of hard harmonies in the songs we sing. We practice them and sometimes it gets a little frustrating when we can’t get them down together.” But once they work the harmonies out, Bloss-Baum said, it’s very exciting. 

Concert Choir, which doesn’t require auditions to be accepted, has class during Block 3, so like Chamber Singers, they are able to sing together every day except Wednesday. 

Students stand around teacher and piano

Concert Choir, which meets during block 3, learns new choreography, led by Mrs. Sample. (Photo by Eva Williams)

“There is a lot of comradery and collaboration between students, a lot of friendships are formed in that room that might not be formed in other places because it brings together students that

 don’t normally spend time together, from freshman through senior, athletes, people have varied interests and they all come together in that room to sing,” Mrs. Sample says. 

Both choirs are anticipating their Disney concert, which was a smash hit last year. The choirs prepare popular Disney songs to perform and invite the kids from Jessie Thackery, Mt. Daniel, and Thomas Jefferson schools to watch. Games and activities are organized to be played afterward. This year, the choirs will be singing “When Will My Life Begin” from the acclaimed animated film, Tangled, and “The Cover Is Not the Book” from the recent reboot of Mary Poppins, Mary Poppins Returns. 

The Disney concert will be taking place in late October and will be followed by their winter performance, which will be in early December.