Falls Church adds pocket park to Broad


Families surround the park as kids play on the grass (Photo by Emma McDonald).

Emma McDonald, Staff Reporter

This summer a small “pocket park” was placed on the 100th block of W. Broad Street to the left of Hot N’ Juicy Crawfish and the Little City Creamery ice cream shop. 

The park is placed on top of grass rolled on a platform next to a small concrete area with chairs, tables, hung lighting, and a stage for small performances. 

The naming of the park has been a heated discussion among citizens and government faculty of Falls Church City. A large number of people have voted for the name to be, “Mr. Brown’s Park” in honor of the owner of Brown’s Hardware, located at 100 W Broad St, who recently passed. 

Brown’s Hardware has been in business since 1883, and since 1959, Hugh Brown (Mr. Brown) has run the shop following his father’s death. The Brown family have a long legacy in Falls Church through their business, involvement in the building of our original high school as well as the fire department. 

On September ninth of this year, the City Council voted and approved the name “Mr. Brown’s Park”.

Falls Church Citizens using the park at night.
The park is lit up by hanging LED lights at night with families lounging in the chairs and using the various features in the park (Photo via fallschurchva.gov).

Before the park was placed, it was a barren area with mostly concrete and benches in front of the Unity Club parking lot. The EDA (Economic Development Authority) placed the park in order to cover this unused space, to attract people to the businesses surrounding it and downtown Falls Church in general, and to host several activities available to all citizens of Falls Church City. 

As the popularity of this “pocket park” grows throughout Falls Church, the city plans to add art murals, full electrical power, enhancements to the performance stage, and more features.

The park’s events coordinator, Naomi Goodwin, scheduled free events and classes from businesses around the area such as yoga, kettlebell classes, and musical performances (the writer recently was the first musical performer in the park in late August). 

Activities like “checkers and cheese” and “sprinkler fun” will be held in the park on weekends and throughout the month. Soon, hosting private parties and events in the space will be available.

On the Falls Church City website, you can find a list of activities that you and your family can take part in throughout the fall and more months to come.