Welcome to the ‘Hot Takes’ podcast

Students on opposite ends of the political spectrum discuss issues in the news

Colter Adams, Managing Editor

In an area as overwhelmingly progressive as Falls Church City, it is often difficult to encounter opposing viewpoints on political issues. It is even rarer for students with different views to engage in respectful, moderated discussions. However, we have found six students- three on the right, three on the left- to participate in exactly that. As part of an ongoing series, the Lasso will continue to host ‘Hot Take’ discussions between students who disagree on issues ranging from politics, music, and film/tv. Stay tuned to the GM LassoOnline Soundcloud for more.

Episode 1) The Lasso Politics Section chats with Cole Hellert and George Hoak, two students on the opposite end of the political spectrum, to talk about hot-button political issues. This time, they talk about elements of Bernie Sander’s campaign platform.