Top 10 last minute Halloween costumes

Ella Gilmore, Staff Reporter

  1. Ice Cream Cone
ice cream costume
Photo via Pinterest.

If you don’t have time to coordinate with a group, this costume is perfect for you. All you need is a pair of khaki shorts, a white shirt with colored paper taped on in the shape of sprinkles, and a red balloon taped to a headband. This costume is great for people that like simplicity and don’t mind wearing a balloon on their head. 


  1. Pac Man Characters
group dressed as pac-man characters.
Photo via Pinterest.

The classic video game comes to life when you dress up as the characters from Pac Man. You and your friends can be ghosts, Mr. and Mrs. Pac Man, or a combination of both. Just gather yellow, pink, orange, red, and blue T-shirts. Next, cut the bottom of the t-shirts to look like the bottom of the Pac Man ghosts, and wear them with a pair of black pants. If you’re feeling crafty, you can cut out eyes from construction paper and tape them on your shirt.


  1. Pineapple
woman dressed as pineapple.
Photo via Pinterest.

This cute outfit is one of the easiest to put together. All you need is an old yellow T-shirt, a headband, and green construction paper. On the yellow T-shirt, draw black arrows to look like the spikes on a pineapple. Then, cut ovals out of the construction paper and tape them on the headband in a circle. This costume takes less than twenty minutes. 


  1. Crayons
Girls dressed as crayons.
Photo via Pinterest.

Halloween is the best excuse to wear a tu-tu, and this costume is one of the most creative ways. This costume involves a little more time and clothes, but the result is worth it, especially if you’re going with a group. The best results are when you add personal touches like matching bandanas or shoes. 


  1. Elmer’s Glue
Women dressed as glue.
Photo via Pinterest.

Although it’s probably the most elaborate costume on the list, this is perfect for those who like to make an entrance. The costume works best when you do it with a partner, so you’re not looking like glue alone. Just find a white elmer’s glue t-shirt on Amazon, and pair it with an orange, blue, and white tutu. To top it all off, glue any extra tulle on an orange party hat to look like the cap on a glue bottle.  


  1. Mean Girls
Girls dressed as characters from Mean Girls.
Photo via Pinterest.

The iconic 2000s movie provides some of the best costumes out there. Easily the most recognizable are the outfits of Regina, Karen, and Gretchen on Wednesdays (“on Wednesdays we wear pink”). This ensemble is easy to replicate with pink shirts, black skirts, and high heels. Of course, you can always have someone go as Cady and wear an oversized pink polo. 


  1. Hippies
People dressed as hippies.
Photo via Pinterest.

The parts to this costume are simple: tie-dyed shirts, jean shorts and sunglasses. But the best aspect of this costume is the flexibility. You could go with just one other person, or in a big group. The costume also works best when you add personal touches, such as a peace sign necklace or a flower crown. 


  1. Hydro Flasks
Girls dressed as "VSCO Girls."
Photo via Pinterest.

If you like to dress in the latest trends, this costume is for you. It’s super simple to put together, but definitely makes a statement. All you need is a colored, cotton t-shirt that you could tape or iron the Hydro Flask symbol on. To go all out, you can even wear scrunchies and vans. 


  1. Thing One and Thing Two
Girls dressed as Thing 1 and Thing 2.
Photo via Pinterest.

This classic duo is easy to dress up as with blue tutus, candy cane striped socks, and blue bandanas. Although the shirt would be a little harder to find, Amazon does sell thing one and thing two apparel, or you can make your own with a red t-shirt and puffy paint. 


  1. Bunch of Fruit
Girls dressed as a pineapple, watermelon, grapes, and an avocado.
Photo via Pinterest.

Even though this costume isn’t as elaborate or fancy as the other ones, this is the most convenient and least time consuming of all the costumes. All you need is some puffy paint or sharpie markers to draw the designs of a fruit on a plain colored t-shirt. You can even add matching shoes or a bandana. The best part about this costume: it doesn’t matter how many people you’re going with, this costume works with any number.