Best pop culture Halloween costumes


Group of people dressed as Avengers in costumes. An Avenger is a good idea for a Halloween costume (Photo Courtesy of Pat Loika via. Flickr)

Jack Calabrese, Staff Reporter

Joker Costume

With the incredible success (and controversy) of Joaquin Phoenix’s Joker, dressing up as the criminal mastermind this Halloween is a cool idea that will probably have many people recognizing and fearing your costume. 

Nationals Player

Everyone is hopping on the bandwagon after the Nationals won the World Series for the first time in their team’s history. So slap on your favorite player’s jersey, a cap, and some baseball pants for a relevant, fun, and easy costume. 

Avenger Endgame

There are a plethora of costumes that could go with the most popular movie of all time (bringing in $2.79 billion worldwide at the box office). Thanos or Iron Man would be the most notable, and Spider-Man would also be a good choice, considering he had a movie of his own come out this year. These costumes might be harder to make or more expensive to buy, but it’s definitely worth it if you’re a fan of the genre. 

Sarah Conner

With a new Terminator movie out now, this iconic character from the 1980s is back. This glasses-wearing, rocket launcher wielding heroine would make a great Halloween costume this year.