Disney+ will be better than Netflix

Features of the new content streaming service are luring more people.

Olaiya Lewis, Staff Reporter

Tv screen displaying Disney+
Preview of what Disney+ will look like.

Netflix has been dominating the media streaming world for several years, keeping us entertained with thousands of titles to choose from. However, Disney, one of the biggest movie and TV producers in the world has stepped in with its own streaming site. It will be cheaper, with more devices available for streaming and all of those Disney titles we can no longer see on Netflix. Below are some of the reasons people should choose to subscribe to Disney+ instead of Netflix.

Disney+ costs less.

Unlike Netflix, Disney+ has cheap plans. One can pay $7 dollars a month, $70 a year – which would be about $5.83 a month – or $4 a month for people who pre-paid for 3 years. In contrast, Netflix costs $13 a month. 

Disney+ will also allow its subscribers to stream shows in high definition (4K) across four devices at once. Whereas on Netflix you will need

Tv screen displaying Netflix
Netflix lock screen with shows available on Netflix

to pay for a premium plan of $16 a month in order to do that. 

Additionally, once you download a movie from Disney+ you will have it forever even if it gets cut from the service. Netflix does not offer this service.

Disney+ will have better content.

For the past 5 years, Disney has been slowly been taking the majority of its content off Netflix. On November 12 (Launch Day) we will be able to see most of the Disney original movies, some of the older Disney TV shows as well as the newer ones. Below is a condensed list of Day-One shows and movies:

Marvel Movies:

  • Captain Marvel 
  • Iron Man
  • Iron Man 3
  • Thor: The Dark World 
  • Avengers Endgame (previously expected to be released on Dec. 11)

Star Wars:

  • All of the Star Wars movies minus Last Jedi, Rise of Skywalker, and Solo


  • Every Pixar movie except Toy Story 4

You can find a longer list of all the movies and TV shows that will be available on Disney+ here. Additionally, more shows will be released weekly as well as more Marvel and Star Wars movies. New Disney original shows will also be added throughout the first 2 years. 

Disney+ will release episodes slowly, rather than all at once.

Everyone remembers the feeling of finishing a new TV series the night Netflix makes it available and then realizing you have to wait almost a year to see the next series. Disney+ has announced that they will release new episodes of shows weekly instead all at once after the whole season has come out. This will decrease the wait time between series and also allow a longer time between episodes so people will continue wanting more.

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