FCCPS rolls out new app


FCCPS app advertisement. (Photo Courtesy of fccps.org)

Erin Dean, Editor-in-Chief

All things FCCPS are now going to be at the tip of your fingers with the new Falls Church City Public Schools app, which was rolled out this past month, on December 2nd. 

Simply called Falls Church City Schools, this new app is available on both Android and iPhone and maintains daily updates of all events, sports, and activities. Cafeteria menus and school cancellations are also available to view. 

Special features include the Parent University, which is described as “opportunities throughout the year for parents and guardians to get smarter about school, child development, parenting, education, [and] community.”

A staff directory is also operated, containing contact information for all teachers and administration at all five schools. 

John Brett, Director of Communications for Falls Church City Public Schools, says the app comes at a vital time. 

Mobile Applications layout
Features of the new FCCPS app.

“In our mobile and increasingly connected world, it just makes sense to focus more of our attention on where our parents and students are – on their smartphones,” Brett said.

And with so much of our lives online, this app perfectly adapts to it. After downloading the app on the release day, I spent the last few weeks playing with the app, testing and viewing the features. Although new, the app has already proved its worth. 

The Live Feed is posted daily with news from all schools and administrations, providing for an up-to-date thread of all things FCCPS. 

The app can also split into different categories specific to each school, meaning I didn’t have to scroll through content that was irrelevant to me. 

One of the most helpful features of this app, especially for high school students, is probably the direct link to the GMHS Athletics website, which contains updated standings, upcoming games, and rosters. 

For the future, Brett hopes to garner more participation.

“I am hoping the ‘Live Feed’ that the division and each school have will become places where many voices share our stories of student success, and FCCPS culture, and values across all of our online channels,” Brett said. 

And with the app already proving to be organized and convenient, I’m sure it will become key for any parent, teacher, or student in the near future. 

For a visual tour, make sure to check out this video explaining all the features.