A review of rodeo events


Juniors Umika Pathak, Gillian Murphy, Ashley Zigler, and Grace Tarpgaard crowd around Zigler’s laptop to watch impeachment proceedings. (Photo by Sequoia Wyckoff)

What’s the Deal with Government

What’s the DEAL with Government, a rodeo created by junior Ashley Zigler, was designed to be a relaxed, fun discussion about current events with Mason’s beloved government teacher Mr. Deal. Unfortunately, Mr. Deal was absent from the rodeo, but Zigler made sure the show went on. Students relaxed and watched live impeachment proceedings on laptops and talked energetically about other government topics, even without Mr. Deal to facilitate.

Holiday Crime Time Special 

The Holiday Crime Time Special was a rodeo created by Crime Time Club founders Olive Blackstone, Josie Shaw, and Ella Barran. The rodeo was packed with students ready to enjoy holiday snacks and watch a documentary on the case of JonBenét Ramsey. Once the documentary ended, the group engaged in a discussion about different theories that exist related to the death of JonBenét Ramsey. Could it have been the brother who killed her? A child molester? To learn more about unsolved murder cases, the Mason Crime Time club has meetings every Tuesday during Mustang Block in room A127.

Students packing meals
Students gather to pack meals to help end hunger during the Mustang Rodeo in the aux gym. (Photo by Clara Kasik)

Give Day Meal Packaging

The GIVE Day Meal Packaging Rodeo was a success as around seventy students gathered in the auxiliary gym to package 10,000 meals with Rise Against Hunger. The GIVE Day Club has been fundraising since the start of the school year in order to partner with Rise Against Hunger and fulfill their goal of ending hunger by the year 2030, just over ten years away. The meals consisted of rice, soy, vitamins, and dried vegetables. Each meal costs 33 cents and they feed 6 people.

I’m Right! You’re Wrong!

The I’m Right! You’re Wrong! rodeo was hosted by the Speech and Debate club. It welcomed eight students to the world of debate. Initially, the group struggled with understanding the format of the debate, but were quick to come up with arguments. Thus, they changed to having discussions of various topics, which increased engagement of the group. They exploring topics ranging from the use of the internet in standardized test prep, the effect of these tests on students with special needs, and what part monetary privilege plays in these tests. The Speech and Debate Club has meetings every Tuesday afterschool from 3:00 – 4:30 PM in room C106.