Top 9 memes of 2019

Clara Kasik, Staff Reporter

There’s no denying that young people today have defined this past year with memes. With platforms such as TikTok becoming popular, memes have gone viral like never before. Here are The Lasso’s top 9 memes of 2019:

9: He can’t hear us, he’s wearing AirPods

This meme became very popular after AirPods became extremely popular. These memes usually show someone making a mistake and someone else telling them to stop. But the catch is that the person in danger can’t hear the warnings because of their AirPods.

8: “omg ellen, you didn’t!”

These memes originated from Twitter after people started to imagine what would happen to them if they went on to The Ellen Show.

7: Everything “H2O: Just Add Water”

A photo of mermaids with a Photoshoped tweet above it.
Photo via
A photo of mermaids with a Photoshoped tweet above it.

2O: Just Add Water” is a teen mermaid show from Australia that many teenagers watched when they were younger. Most of the memes poke fun at Cleo’s clothes, the accents, and the fact that the girls are mermaids.

6: “Gonna tell my kids that…”

The premise of this meme is the lies that people are planning on telling their kids in order to convince them that certain celebrities are other people.

5: Rise and Shine

After a video surfaced of Kylie Jenner singing “Rise and Shine” to her daughter, fans found a way to make fun of her for it. Not only is her voice not the best, but it’s clear that Stormi is already awake when Kylie is singing her song.

4: The Instagram Egg

In early 2019, an Instagram account titled @world_record_egg posted the above picture hoping to get the most liked picture in Instagram history. The account accomplished its goal and currently has over 54 million likes.

3: VSCO girls

A picture of items that are associated with VSCO girls
Photo via Pintrest
A photo of things that are associated with VSCO girls

Also a popular TikTok meme, VSCO girls went viral this year for their basic style and usage of annoying catchphrases. VSCO girls can be described by their oversized shirts and sweatshirts, mom jeans, and Hydro Flasks.

2: OK, Boomer

OK, Boomer was a widely used phrase for quite a while after yet another TikTok meme went viral. It essentially means that people from the Baby Boomer generation don’t understand the norms of younger generations, so they automatically think that they’re bad.

1: Raid Area 51

A meme about raiding Area 51
Photo via
A meme about raiding Area 51

The summer of 2019 was filled with “Raid Area 51” memes. The people of the Internet planned to storm a highly classified government facility rumored to contain aliens on September 20th. Everyone wanted to get in on the extra-terrestrial action.