Clearing up those winter spirit week rumors. Maybe?

What is the truth and what are the lies?

Olaiya Lewis, Staff Reporter

Every year students look forward to the Winter Pep Rally and Spirit week plans. This year it’s been hard to separate rumors from what is actually happening. Questions like: “When is the Winter Formal?” Or “Is there even a Winter Formal this year?”  

Well here is your answer: after going through most of the preparation phases for the dance, the SCA has decided to cancel this year’s Winter Formal. 

“We decided not to hold a dance this year because of scheduling conflicts on every day that we were able to reserve the [main gym] space,” said SCA treasurer Sam Mostow. 

“We decided that it is not in the best interest of anyone to force a dance on a day where there was another activity that would conflict with the dance, both in terms of reserving the space and peoples’ interests,” Mostow said. “With that said, having another dance, in addition to homecoming and prom, is something the Student Council would love to do in future years and will do our best to make that happen.”

Although there is no plan currently for a second dance this year, some students still hold out hope that the SCA will find a way to make it happen later this winter or in early spring.

It’s not just the Winter Formal – plans for the SCA’s annual Rebound Week are just as convoluted. For starters, many people have asked: “what is Rebound Week? Why is it Rebound Week and not just another Spirit week?” 

The reason for it being called Rebound Week is actually very simple. Back when George Mason had an actual Mid-Term week, and not just a couple weeks towards the end of a semester when teachers cram mid-terms into the hour and a half class time, Rebound Week was supposed to be a stress reliever for students to look forward to after a week of tests. However, now that there is no more mid-term week, it is just a spirit week that starts with a day of no classes.   

But what is the day with no classes? What do we do during that school day since its not just a day off? This day, in particular, has produced a lot of rumors: 

“We’re going to play Spikeball.” 

“We just get to de-stress from midterms.” 

“All I know is that don’t have to go to classes.”

The SCA told The Lasso that Monday, January 27, which will be called “Rebound Week Kickoff Day,” students will have organized activities by grade level. For example, seniors will be going off-campus for career shadowing or working on their EE if they are pursuing the IB Diploma. Juniors will be going to Mt. Daniel and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School for community service. Underclassmen will be engaging in a variety of activities, such as banner painting, documentaries, and working on their MYP Personal Projects.

As for the rest of the week, the SCA has released the majority of the plans and themes to the Lasso. Here are the released themes for the Spirit weekdays.

Monday, January 27: No Classes (Rebound Week Kick-Off)

Tuesday, January 28: PJs

Wednesday, January 29: Country vs. Country Club  

Thursday, January 30: Scholars vs. Ballers

Friday, January 31: Dress as your assigned Hogwarts House, Teacher-Student Basketball game, and Rebound Week Pep Rally

Hogwarts Houses will be assigned to the students by Stable Group on January 27 during an impromptu Wild Horse Wednesday (On a Monday). 

This article will be updated as more information about Spirit Week comes in. Want to know which Hogwarts house you belong in most? Click the link here to find out.