Our mystery time capsule

Clara Kasik, Staff Reporter

A photo of the program from 1995 showing the contents of the time capsule
Clara Kasik
Pictured is the program describing the time capsule and some of the contents. (Lasso photo by Clara Kasik)

Somewhere in our school is a time capsule from 1995 that is supposed to be opened in June of 2020, which is just a few months away now. The problem is, no one can find it. 

Weeks ago, the Mason Student body became curious with the rumors flying around about a supposed time capsule hidden somewhere in the school.

 “The time capsule is probably made up,” freshman Chloe Calabrese said. “I think it’s something that they told us just to keep us busy.”

Rumors are that it’s behind a frame, under a set of stairs, between two walls. The Lasso has gotten involved in the quest and has tried many things, including knocking on walls to see if it’s hollow, sending students on the hunt for entire blocks, and contacting multiple people that graduated at the time, however there was no luck.

A 1995 Lasso program for the ceremony to celebrate a new addition to GMHS at the time. This entails what is now the cafeteria, aux gym, math, and history hallways. The program includes some of the elements that were placed inside the capsule, such as pictures of the newly renovated school , the 1995 yearbook, a disk of the top music from that year, and much more. However, the program fails to mention where the blast from the past is located within the school. 

If you have any knowledge or ideas about where the time capsule is, please reach out to The Lasso at [email protected]