Why biking to school is the way to go


Last year, dozens of students got out for Wednesday's National Bike and Walk to School Day, traveling to school without a car or a bus. (Photo via FCCPS Morning Announcements)

Josh Reitinger, Contributor

Getting to school everyday can be a challenge. The buses are backed up and overcrowded. Walking might require you to walk up earlier than you want. And, if you can drive, getting a parking pass is expensive Your parents may be too busy to drive you every morning and afternoon, as they have their own schedule. For all these reasons, I choose the one other option best for students: I bike to school. 

With Spring just around the corner, here’s why you biking to school is the best way to get here:

Reason #1: It’s cheap

To bike to school, you only need to purchase three things, if you don’t already have them: the bicycle itself, a chain and combination lock to keep anyone from stealing the bike, and a helmet for safety. Other than that, biking to school is completely free. GMHS has multiple bike racks to park your bike, and they don’t charge you to use them.

Reason #2: It’s good exercise

Cycling everyday may be hard at first, but it will get easier over time. Cycling constantly is a workout that will build up lower body muscles and cardiovascular endurance, as well as help your core strength. 

Reason #3: It’s quicker than the bus

If you ride the bus, you may have to wait for it to arrive, and then go to multiple stops to pick up more students. If you ride your bike, you can ride to school directly. As for the distance, Falls Church is only about 2.5 miles in area, so most students live within 2 miles of the school. This isn’t a long distance to travel in order to get to school. You can make your route even more direct with roads like the Washington and Old Dominion trail.

Reason #4: You control the time to go to and leave school

The bus is on a schedule, and if you miss it, tough luck. But if you take a bike, you control when to come and go, so it’s not a problem if you need to stay after school for a few minutes.

Reason #5: You’re clearing the bus for others

Everyone who doesn’t take the bus leaves more room for those who have to ride it. This could potentially solve the overcrowded bus problem if enough people bike.

These are the reasons why I think riding a bicycle to school is a much better alternative to taking the bus.