P.S. I Still Love You wasn’t worth the hype

The movie we were all looking forward to was a major disappointment

Before we get into the review of this movie, make sure to check out my predictions prior to watching this movie. 

Warning: Spoilers for P.S. I Still Love You ahead.

Similar to many people, I was very excited to see the rest of Lara Jean’s story play out. And as a huge fan of the books by Jenny Han, I  was excited to see what the directors would do with the plot. However, I was severely disappointed. Yes, the movie was entertaining, but it did not live up to the quality of the book; the movie had a bad ending and the major plot points from the book were missing.

John and Lara Jean dancing in the snow
John and Lara Jean dancing in the snow (image via vox.com).

How the directors ruined the plot

In the first book, Lara Jean and Peter end up breaking up; however, the first movie ends with Lara Jean and Peter staying together. The second movie starts with Peter and Lara going strong, and later Lara Jean receives a letter from John Ambrose, the only love letter recipient she never heard back from. In the movie, Lara debates responding but eventually decides against it. In the book, Lara Jean and John send letters back and forth for a while before ever seeing each other in person. 

Another major plot hole in the movie was the opening of the time capsule. In the book, when the friend group gets together to open the time capsule they decide to play a game that they used to play as kids. This game is a type of manhunt; everyone writes their name on a piece of paper, puts it in a cup, and each person then draws a name and doesn’t show anyone. At midnight, the game starts. 

The goal of the game is to tag the person whose name you have, you then get the person that they had, and the game continues until only one person is left. In the book, the game was a huge plot tool as it leads to Lara Jean accusing Peter of spending time with Gen in order to tag Lara out. Peter then fires back that she has been spending way too much time with John for them to just be friends. This leads to their breakup after the breakup Lara and John start spending more time together and even end up kissing. However, this kiss leads Lara to realize that she doesn’t love John and she goes to Peter and apologizes. In the movie Lara just gets mad at Peter, they break up and then after three days get back together. Since there is no game in the movie, there is no furthering of the plot, which makes the movie like every other romance movie. 

Because the directors took out so much of the plot this movie is barely based on the book. The way the movie is structured it is like the directors put in some scenes based on the book just so they could use the names and characters from the previous movie without getting sued and continue to make money off the movie they made in 2018. 

However, as a movie on its own, it is a good one, if you are into romance movies 100% watch it. However, if you are a fan of the books, be prepared for a totally different story.