Seniors reflect on cancelled traditions


Stella Turner

Seniors Alex Kryazhev, Hunter Broxson, and Daniel Miller are honored with Coach Gilroy and Coach Nate on boys basketball senior night. Unknowingly, this would be one of the last senior nights of the 2019-2020 season. Photo by Stella Turner.

Erin Dean, Editor-in-Chief

With in-person instruction cancelled for the rest of the school year, many iconic events have also been impacted. Namely, prom, graduation, senior trips, and senior nights. Instead of our four years culminating in the most fun semester of high school, we are experiencing a quarantine and cancellation of all those traditions. Here’s a few of the members of the Class of 2020’s reactions to some of the major events we are missing out on. 

Spring sports: All spring seasons have been cancelled. Not only does this include your typical sports teams, but it also includes robotics, debate, and any VHSL affiliated teams. According to the VHSL website, the possibility of a summer season will not be evaluated until May. For many seniors, this means missing out on their senior nights. According to administration, Athletic Director Coach Bravin is aware of this issue and wants to hold similar events over the summer.

“I have been waiting for my senior soccer season since I started playing soccer in eighth grade,” said Emma Rollins. “It’s sad I can’t experience my senior soccer season but I’m happy I got my basketball season.”

Yet for many student-athletes, they only had one senior season. This is true for Drew Langford, a member of the lacrosse team.

“We definitely had a shot at making a deep playoff run, having the best team I’ve seen in the five years I’ve played for Mason…[it] doesn’t even even matter as much now because I think about how my teammates were my best friends and we won’t be able to play together again. Such an abrupt ending.”

Spring play: Director and theater teacher Shawn Northrip is hoping for a summer date, but no confirmation has been made yet. For many long-time Mason theater kids, this came as an obvious disappointment. 

“When thinking about all of the things I would be sad about losing because of this new reality, the play was definitely one of the things near the top. It was especially sad considering that this would have been my last show on that stage, my last show with any of those people, my last show at Mason,” said Ciara Curtin, who’s been on the Mason stage all four years. “Although we did not get to perform, we still got to discover a lot and enjoy the time that we did have with one another. Who knows, maybe we will still get to perform it later down the line. But if not, the memory and hard work shall remain, and that will have to be enough.”

Prom: The official announcement that the May 2 prom has been cancelled was inevitable in the minds of many seniors, but it didn’t dampen their longtime dreams of a senior prom. I myself had my prom dress come in the mail the morning of the cancellation, yet I still have it hanging it in my closet; hopeful for an opportunity to wear it in the summer. To try to make up for this blow, the Junior SCA announced they will hold a virtual prom on May 23. Although this is the best anyone can do at the moment, some seniors are still not satisfied.

“It is absolutely preposterous that the George Mason staff would ever consider online prom as a make up option,” said Ben Comenetz. 

The Class of 2020’s last semester is undoubtedly bogged down by cancellation after cancellation. With time, these feelings of anger and sadness will fade, but for now, they’re still hitting hard.

“The worst part is that, yes, we know they’re [going to be] cancelled, but we don’t know if or when they’re going to be rescheduled,” said Rose Tombul. 

“I’ve started to realize all the little things I will miss out on like decision day, the day seniors grill out in the courtyard, or the pictures we’d take with our friends at graduation. We won’t have any of that to look back on, which to me is challenging to fully grasp,” said Langford.