Top 10 things I’ve done out of boredom

Ella Gilmore, Staff Reporter

Over the past couple of months, we’ve all gotten very annoyed, impatient, and bored. In fact, I’m so bored, I would bet money that I’m more bored than you. Just kidding… somewhat. Anyway, here’s a list of the top ten things I’ve done out of pure boredom, ranging from something I’d most likely do on a normal day to what I’d least likely do.

10. Baked Chocolate Chip Scones

Scone recipe
The recipe I used for the scones. (Photo by Ella Gilmore)

For all of you that hate on stress baking, why? You get to waste two hours watching bread rise, eat all of it as soon as it comes out of the oven, and then complain about how you burned your fingers for the next three hours.

9. Contemplated Sewing a Skirt

I thought about it, and then I figured I’d better wait until May or June for that one.

8. Created Useless Decorations Out of Cardboard

Presenting the colorful, one-of-a-kind artwork. (Photo by Ella Gilmore)

I looked on Pinterest for 30 minutes and still could not find something useful to do with a cardboard circle, so I made this masterpiece instead. It belongs to the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

7. Practiced on Duolingo

screenshot of the Duolingo owl
The Duolingo owl and I have become very close friends. (Photo by Ella Gilmore)

The app doesn’t know I’m in Spanish III, so I feel pretty smart when it asks me how to say “My name is…” in Spanish.

6. Done My Optional History Homework

You know you have nothing to do when you turn in your optional homework on time. That, and when you start to look up synonyms for bored on

5. Learned Taylor Swift Songs on the Piano

Electric piano with "Red" by Taylor swift sheet music
The back corner of my basement has turned into my “studio”. (Photo by Ella Gilmore)

I’ve never had a single lesson in my entire life and I probably have the fingerings wrong, but at least I know what the songs are supposed to sound like.

4. Played With Sidewalk Chalk

sideway chalk art
Presenting take #2 of my artwork attempts. (Photo by Ella Gilmore)

You’d be surprised how long it takes to draw twenty-one rainbows on the street in front of your house. 

3. Tried to Help My Family Complete a Puzzle

The keyword is “tried.” I realized after about five minutes that my skills could be better used elsewhere.

2. Drew the Unit Circle

The drawn out unit circle
Math teachers around the world should be proud of this. (Photo by Ella Gilmore)

You read that right. Instead of creating flashcards, I drew out the entire Unit Circle, complete with color-coded numbers.

1. Done the Dishes Everyday

That’s right, baby. Guess who’s getting the Daughter of the Year Award now.


Here’s one bonus I forgot to mention earlier: I took all the pictures for this article. All seven photos, with my own phone.