Quarantine recommendations for every quarantine mood

Audrey Morrison, Staff Reporter

If you’re feeling hopeless: Fleabag, Matt Maltese – Bad contestant

Fleabag, an Amazon show, might help you feel a little better in quarantine – pair it with Matt Maltese’s album Bad Contestant. (Photo via amazon.com)

If The Office and Orange Is the New Black had a colder, more depressed, British lovechild it would slightly resemble Fleabag. The main character that we only know as “Fleabag” tries to cope with her lonely existence by making terrible decisions and laughing at her own awkward deadpan jokes. With all this said, ultimately, it is a story of hope and redemption. Fleabag reminds you to surround yourself with people who love you and that change, although unwanted, is good. If this isn’t incentive enough to watch Fleabag, there’s also a really hot Catholic priest. So go watch it. 

Matt Maltese is equally British and deadpan and a hopeless romantic. If you’re feeling futile, you can find comfort in his album Bad Contestant. Best tracks include: “Greatest Comedian”, “Like a Fish”, and “As The World Caves In”.

If you’re feeling frustrated: Tiger King, The Brobecks – Violent Things

The Brobecks’ album Violent Things may help you through your frustration. (Photo via genius.com)

Tiger King is wild from start to finish. You can’t really like anyone on the show because they’re basically all psychotic killers. The show is focused on an animal rights feud between pro-PETA Carol Baskins and semi-libertarian (he doesn’t really know what a libertarian is but he’s running for the Libertarian Party Nomination this presidential election) Joe Exotic. This series will no doubt leave you more confused and frustrated than when you started but it leaves you with an important question. Did Carol Baskins really murder her husband and feed him to the tigers? 

The Brobecks are known for their angry, self-deprecating, and percussion-heavy songs, so if you’re feeling frustrated tune into their final album: Violent Things. Although the band broke up in 2007, the members including Dallon Weekes (former bassist for Panic at the Disco! and lead singer of I Don’t Know How But They Found Me), Ryan Seaman (drummer for Falling in Reverse and I Don’t Know How But They Found Me), Michael Gross, Bryan Szymanski, and Drew Davidson. Listen to: “The Nerve”, “Bike Ride”, “Boring”, and “I Will, Tonight”.

If you’re feeling bored: Skins (Uk), Car Seat Headrest – Teens of Denial

The drama of Car Seat Headrest’s album Teens of Denial makes it a perfect boredom album. (Photo via pitchfork.com)

If you’re feeling bored right now, you’ll be massively entertained by Skins. There’s tons of weird, early 2000’s British slang, skateboarding, drama, romance, humo(u)r, and of course; copious amounts of teen angst. It will make you simultaneously love and hate the clichés being a teenager. 

Car Seat Headrest’s album Teens of Denial is also a huge cliché but it’s so fun to listen to! Boredom can make us dramatize and romanticize bad decision making which is really exactly what Car Seat Headrest does. If you want to be a rebel without actually destroying public property or getting a stick and poke tattoo, listen to Teens of Denial. It’s loud and funny and it might hit a bit too close to home. Best tracks include: “Fill in the Blank”, “(Joe Gets Kicked Out of School for Using) Drugs With Friends (But Says This Isn’t a Problem)”, and “Drunk Drivers/Killer Whales”.

If you’re feeling nostalgic: Lovesick, Bon Iver – For Emma Forever Ago

Paired with Bon Iver, watching Lovesick will have you feeling warm, reflective, and nostalgic. (Photo via imdb.com)

Quarantine gives a lot of time for reflection, so if the nostalgia’s getting to you – turn on Netflix. Contrary to the show trailer, Lovesick isn’t all about chlamydia. There’s so much more to take from it. Most of us haven’t ever had chlamydia (hopefully), but even so, the characters in Lovesick are incredibly relatable. The show follows three close friends and their mishaps with love and personal connection. Even if you’ve never been in love before, Lovesick makes you nostalgic for what you’ve never had. It’s not just about romantic love, it’s about friendship, and family, and honesty. It’s also incredibly hilarious. 

Bon Iver’s album’s title, For Emma, Forever Ago, instantly creates nostalgia. The songs unlock some of everyone’s hidden memories: Skinny Love (popularized by the artist Birdy) and Re: Stacks sound like coming home. The whole album is a rainy day, a campfire, and a good, hard, cry. Also listen to: “Blindsided”, “For Emma”, and “The Wolves (Act I and II)”.

If you’re feeling obsessive: You/Dexter, Hayley Williams – Petals for Armor I

If you’re feeling a little psychotic during this quarantine, you should definitely watch the shows You and Dexter. Being with your family for extended periods of time can drive anyone crazy, so live vicariously through these (slightly violent) shows to release some pent up aggression! Although both main characters are seriously messed up, it’s hard not to root for them. If you’re a fan of crime and psychology, you’ll love these shows. 

Hayley Williams, lead singer of the band Paramore, recently came out with her first solo EP: Petals for Armor I. This extended play is the first of a new era of Hayley Williams’ work. The EP is one of her most honest and direct pieces, as she chronicles impulse and obsession in her life. Songs like “Simmer”, “Creepin’”, and “Sudden Desire” are perfectly relatable to those who are going a bit crazy during Coronacation.  

And if you’re feeling everything: listen to this playlist.