Hanna Hall: Keeping constructive in quarantine


Freshman Hanna Hall on a daily walk with her sister, Jenna (photo courtesy of Hanna Hall).

Clara Kasik, Staff Reporter

Freshman Hanna Hall on a daily walk with her sister, Jenna.
Freshman Hanna Hall on a daily walk with her sister, Jenna (Photo courtesy of Hanna Hall).

On a normal day, you might find Hanna Hall on the field hockey field, at SCA, or hanging out with her friends. But these are not normal times. So what has Freshman Hanna Hall been up to these past few weeks in quarantine?

When it comes to creating new routines, freshman Hanna Hall has mastered the art. She’s made it her mission to stay productive and positive during quarantine. Chores, going outside, and online learning are all just a part of her new and busy lifestyle. 

Waking up between 8:00 and 9:00 am every day has been nothing but beneficial for Hanna. She makes a breakfast of eggs, toast with almond butter, and of course iced coffee for her and her sister, Jenna. Hanna really likes making a fresh breakfast for the two to enjoy together. After they finish breakfast, Hanna’s off to do some schoolwork.

As far as distance learning goes, Hanna doesn’t think it’s all too bad. 

“There’s no teacher saying ‘go, go go!’ I like being able to learn at my own pace.” 

Hanna thinks that the overall effect on her mental health has been pretty positive because of a less urgent work environment.

However, she did express that it’s not all perfect with this new lifestyle. “The only negative part about [distance learning] is not being social. That can take away from the amazingness of being home all the time.” 

Hanna also went on to say that her sleep schedule is nothing like it used to be, which she doesn’t like because she doesn’t have the ability to get up as early as she once did with normal school in session. “My sister and I both wanted to wake up at 7:00 and go on a run, but then the time came and we turned on our phones and thought, ‘not today.’ My sleep schedule is wrecked.” But just because her sleep patterns are different, doesn’t mean she can’t make the time she’s awake worthwhile.

Once Hanna is done with her schoolwork, she likes to head outside for some physical activity. “I’ve really enjoyed going on extremely long runs and walks.” I’ve seen Hanna out and about with her sister quite a few times over this break, and it wouldn’t surprise me if you have too. Staying outside has been a great way Hanna’s staying occupied.

Hanna’s parents are essential workers, so it’s just her and her younger sister at home during the day. “We don’t fight too bad, thankfully. It’s just been more sister time for us.” 

The two are very close, Hanna even cooks meals for Jenna almost every day. Not only is Hanna cooking, but she’s also been baking things like banana bread to keep herself motivated throughout the day.

Cooking and baking aren’t the only creative thing Hanna’s been doing over quarantine. “I’ve had a lot more time to read. I’m reading Five Feet Apart now, which is very relevant to what’s happening now.” 

Hanna also said that she likes to read slowly so that the book seems to go on for longer. That keeps her occupied and happy, especially because she didn’t really have as much a chance to read for pleasure as she does now. 

“I’ve been painting too, which I didn’t really do before,” said Hanna. The addition of more creativity in Hanna’s life has been very constructive for her.

“The overall effect of all of this has been leaning towards positive,” said Hanna. She’s embracing the things she has now to make sure she’s keeping herself busy during this unique time.