Greta Hermann: Feeding Falls Church


Junior Greta Hermann sorts food for the food bank she and her family started. (Photo courtesy of Greta Hermann)

Megan Clinton, News Editor

Junior Greta Hermann is usually a very social person, between Unicef Club, Calligraphy Club, Girl Scouts, and the school play. Since school switched to online, she has struggled to keep busy.

“I have been redecorating my room. I got a new shelf for my vinyl records. I moved stuff around. A lot of TV watching is happening and occasionally some school work,” she said.

One thing Greta hasn’t stopped doing since COVID-19 cancelled almost all of her activities is giving back to the community. She and her family started a food bank in Falls Church for those in need.

Photo of free food sign and Jessie Thackrey Preschool
Jessie Thackrey Preschool and free food sign where the food bank Greta started is located. (Photo by Megan Clinton)

“My mom came up with the idea…I’ve been helping. She was talking with her friends and they noticed a lot of people in the area had lost their jobs and might need help with food. She wanted to make a food bank that was accessible 24/7.” 

Greta and her family spoke with Vice Mayor Marybeth Connelly and gained permission to use the Jessie Thackrey book lending library as a food bank that is accessible at any time for anyone.

“Usually my mom will go to the store or order the food in bulk. We fill about a reusable grocery bag and a half full of food everyday and we drive over there and fill it up.”

Everyday for the past five months, Greta and her family have been filling up the cubbies of the lending library outside of Jessie Thackrey Preschool with food. Anyone is welcome to take what they need out of the cubbies.

Photo of  lending library in front of Jessie Thackrey Preschool.
Greta puts food in the lending library outside of Jessie Thackrey Preschool. Greta fills up the three cabinets on the left for members of the community in need. (Photo courtesy of Greta Hermann)

“We put the food in and every day it’s gone. We have gotten notes from families with requests for certain foods that they need. We then go to the store and get them. We have gotten a few donations but it’s mostly just us.”

During times when many people are struggling, Greta thinks it is important to help others in any way that she can.

“I think we are very lucky right now because many of our parents still have their jobs and can buy food. There are a lot of people getting sick and you should really do whatever you can.”

Those interested in helping with the food bank can contact Greta’s mom by sending an email to [email protected]. All donations are welcome.