Top 10 virtual clubs to join

Ella Gilmore, Staff Reporter

Instead of the usual club fair in the GMHS gyms, on Thursday, September 10, Mason students viewed a video and slideshow about the dozens of clubs still offered during the virtual term. You may be feeling overwhelmed with all of your options – luckily, Lasso writer Ella Gilmore is here to help you, narrowing down the top ten clubs to join during virtual learning.

10. Film Discussion Club

Something we’ve all done a lot during quarantine is watch movies, so why not put all that time to use and talk about the movies you’ve watched? The Film Discussion Club is for anyone who is passionate about movies and enjoys discussing them with others. The meeting time is to be determined, but the Schoology access code is P5CZ-9T5M-5T4J5.

A Young Democrats meeting in fall 2019. This year, the club is still holding meetings and planning phonebanking and other campaign events for the November election. (Photo courtesy of Grace Tarpgaard)

9. Young Democrats

With this school year also being an election year, clubs like Young Democrats, Teenage Republicans, and Student League of Women Voters are perfect clubs to join. Specifically, members of the Young Democrats club meet to discuss politics, hear from guest speakers, and help plan volunteer opportunities with real life campaigns. To get involved, join the Schoology group with the access code PWCQ4-W3HPW.

8. Speech and Debate

While Speech and Debate may be a club that requires more work, members get to compete in competitions at the local, state, and national level. This year’s competitions are completely virtual, but you can still learn important skills in the areas of communication, negotiation, and presentation. No prior experience is necessary. Join the Schoology group with the code GMZ9JZG3NC.

mock trial
Mock Trial members pose during their 2019-20 season. This year Mock Trial will look a little bit different as they shift to all virtual competitions and meetings. (Photo courtesy of Umika Pathak)

7. Mock Trial

Although the Mock Trial Club usually competes in live competitions through the VHSL, this year members of the club are still able to virtually compete with other teams on the regional and state level. Students can audition to be either a witness or an attorney in their given trial, and they work on their characters throughout the year in preparation for the regional competition in January and the state competition in March.

6. Chesterbrook Club

This club was started last year, and students helped out at the local senior living center, Chesterbrook Residences, by organizing games and activities for the seniors living there to participate in. Due to COVID-19, the club has switched to writing letters to the people living there. Members will be paired up with a “pen pal” and keep in touch throughout the year. The access code to the Schoology group is NRWJ-PJ4V-NJ9WF.

magazine cover painting
Last year’s cover of the Nine Muses magazine was created by Ciel Park. (Photo via @gmhslitmag on Twitter)

5. Nine Muses

Nine Muses is George Mason’s own literary magazine that is published at the end of each school year. Members of the club collect submissions, review and edit work, and help with the layout of the magazine. You don’t have to be a member to submit work, and you don’t have to submit work if you’re a member. The club is meeting every Monday from 12:00-1:00, and the access code is KDJJ5-83ZP5.

4. Hiking Club

After spending so much time staring at a screen, sitting in the same chair, who doesn’t want to get outside as soon as school lets out? The Hiking Club has exactly that goal in mind, and members will get to go on group hikes around northern Virginia. While it’s unclear how the group will be meeting currently, when it’s safe to gather this club will be out and at it on a monthly basis. To join the group, use the access code G9KT-H4KW-5M2BD. 

Model UN members in early 2020 at a conference. The club will still be holding virtual conferences and meetings this year. (Photo courtesy of Umika Pathak)

3. Model UN

Another club that will be participating in virtual competitions this year is the Model United Nations Club. This club is just what it sounds like, a simulation of the real United Nations, and members participate in conferences at local high schools and colleges where they’re put in mock committees to discuss real world issues and come up with solutions. Model UN meets every Friday at 1:00. You can join the club with the access code VMPW-CB7J-9TMCJ.

2. Photography Club

The runner-up in the list of best virtual clubs to join is the Photography Club. This club is probably one of the easiest to participate in while we’re in virtual learning. Members submit at least one piece of photography a month, and it’s posted on the club’s Instagram page. Each month has a specific theme, too. Be sure to check out their Instagram @gmhs_photography_club or join the club with the access code HZCW-FB73-576PC.

The horse on the seal of GMHS appears to be reading a book. (Photo via the GMHS Library Schoology page)

1. Book Club

Coming in at number one is the Book Club. Run by the school’s librarian, Ms. Myklestad, the group meets every other week to discuss the recent books they’ve read and even TV shows and movies that are based on books. Members try to read the same book every week so that everyone is on the same page. Join the Schoology group with the access code 3V3J-GC87-9QC86.

For more information about clubs still up and running and open to students this year, you can view the virtual club fair slideshow.