Quarantine Creativity: Maya Chatterjee’s Clay and Co.

Isabel Costa, Staff Reporter

Junior Maya Chatterjee models a pair of her own handmade earrings. (Photo courtesy of Maya Chatterjee)

We’ve been in quarantine for over six months now, and it can be hard to stay entertained when you’re stuck inside all day. Many Mason students have been finding new hobbies just to relieve a little boredom. For junior Maya Chatterjee, a new hobby has turned into her own small business, Clay and Co, where she sells earrings. 

Maya got the idea to start making clay earrings from Mason graduate Harmony LaJeunesse. “Harmony started making clay earrings and I thought they were super cool, so I practiced with some of her clay,” Maya said.

Since it was her first time trying anything like this, she wasn’t sure how well sales would go or if this would be a long-term project or just a summer hobby. Luckily, the business has been successful. 

“I was going to see how it played out based on how many orders I got. I’ve actually gotten quite a bit of orders, so for now I’m making earrings on half days,” Maya said. 

earring closeup
A close up picture of one of Maya’s earrings featured on her Instagram. (Photo courtesy of Maya Chatterjee)

Maya sells her products through an Instagram account, @clayandco.va, where you can see her earrings modeled on her and her friends. Customers can pick a design and color from one of her Instagram posts or send in special requests for other earrings they find online for an extra $2.

She uses Instagram to sell because it’s an easy way to communicate with clients and showcase her earrings. Delivering to customers has also been easy since most of her orders have been local. She said, “Depending on where they live I might ship, but most of the time I can drop it off to them or they can pick it up from me.”

Currently, she is only selling earrings, but Maya said, “I would totally make necklaces or keychains, but I’d have to research that and see what people want.”

Managing her business and making her earrings has been a great way for Maya to pass time and be productive. She’s also enjoyed other artistic activities, like paint-by-numbers and puzzles, and is trying to spend lots of time outside. 

Quarantine has given many students the time to find new hobbies to enjoy, whether that’s playing video games, making artwork, listening to music, or starting a small business. Through Clay and Co., Maya is filling her time while making art and money.

Instagram page with earrings
Clay and Co.’s Instagram page features pictures of Maya’s earrings and their prices.