Pandemic puppies: A trend worth hopping on

Clara Kasik, Staff Reporter

German Shepard puppy
Pictured is Mrs. Sherard’s new puppy, Max. (Photo courtesy of Kristin Sherard)

Finding a brightside during a global pandemic is not an easy thing to do. There’s bad news left and right, not to mention the very limited social time everyone seems to have. But no need to worry– COVID K-9’s are here to brighten up everyone’s day.

Because of all the newfound free time students have, many people had the same idea of getting a puppy to fill up some of the leisure time that wasn’t necessarily there before. Between school, school work, clubs, and sports, it was just something that wasn’t even in the question for many families. However because students are now stuck at home, it was finally the right time to add another member to the family.

Junior Graham Felgar is just one of the many students at Mason with a new pup in the house. “The puppy actually wasn’t planned, we had fostered two puppies before we got Daisy, but Daisy grew so attached to us and we got so attached to her that we felt we needed to adopt her.” Although Daisy wasn’t in their original plan, Graham and his family have loved having the new dog in the house.

Great Dane puppy
Above is Adelaide Langford’s Great Dane puppy, Hazel. (Photo courtesy of Adelaide Langford)

Not only are students getting puppies, but so are teachers. Mrs. Sherard has a puppy that you might even be able to see walking around town. “Once COVID shut things down, we decided to get the puppy earlier as we had plenty of time at home to adjust to having a puppy.” Mrs. Sherard enjoys playing fetch and frisbee with her family’s puppy, Max. 

Sophomore Adelaide Langford got a Great Dane puppy just before the pandemic started back in the spring. “Having a puppy is really fun because I get to have another sibling. Three of my siblings are out of the house so it makes the environment in our home a lot less quiet and much more exciting.” Adelaide also loves teaching her puppy tricks like “pirouette,” just like in ballet.

In a time with very limited ability to see friends and extended family, for many it’s been the perfect time to turn to man’s best friend for an exciting change in the house.