Falls Church’s best chocolate chip cookies

Isabel Costa and Clara Kasik

When you think of food throughout The Little City, the first thing that comes to mind probably isn’t the chocolate chip cookies. But there are actually a lot of local chocolate chip cookies to choose from. Clara Kasik and Isabel Costa— the Lasso’s best foodies— give their reviews of the many chocolate chip cookies of Falls Church. 

cookie from Cafe Kindred
For a classic chocolate chip cookie, head to Cafe Kindred. (Photo by Isabel Costa.)

Cafe Kindred’s “Chocolate Chip Cookie”

Rating: 8/10

Cafe Kindred might be the most underrated restaurant and coffee shop in Falls Church. They have a wide selection of baked goods as well as breakfast, lunch, and dinner options. Their chocolate chip cookie was the largest one we tried and had a great, classic chocolate chip cookie taste. It was definitely buttery but we felt that the texture was somewhat bland. It didn’t have the crispy edges we were looking for but was soft all around instead. 

Bakeshop’s “Browned Butter Chocolate Chunk”

Rating: 8/10

Bakeshop is Falls Church’s newest addition to bakeries in Falls Church. It specializes in sweets of all kinds, including specialty cakes. This cookie was very buttery and soft and had that melt-in-your-mouth texture. Our only complaint was that it could have used a little more chocolate. 

chocolate chip cookie
For a chocolate chip cookie at a great price, head to Starbucks. (Photo by Isabel Costa)

Starbucks’s “Chocolate Chip Cookie”

Rating: 7/10

Another coffee shop, Starbucks, is one of the biggest food chains in America. There are three in the small city of Falls Church alone. Our hopes for these cookies were pretty high, and they didn’t disappoint. This cookie was the least expensive and we couldn’t even tell. Although they weren’t home cooked that day, the cookie still tasted pretty good. It was a little bit too chocolatey, but we didn’t complain.

The Happy Tart’s “Chocolate Chip Cookie”

Rating: 5/10

Not too long ago, Falls Church had a gluten free bakery open called The Happy Tart right outside of Pearson Square. Because it’s gluten free, we were pretty skeptical about this cookie. How good can it be without gluten? The answer: not very. This cookie left a strange aftertaste in our mouths, and was grainy, thick, and dry. The lack of a classic chocolate chip cookie taste combined with a strange texture left us unsatisfied.  Maybe someone who’s used to eating gluten free would enjoy this, but we didn’t. It just wasn’t for us.

chocolate chip cookie
For our favorite cookie in Falls Church, head to Northside Social. (Photo by Isabel Costa)

Northside Social’s “Chocolate Chip Cookie”

Rating: 9/10

Northside Social is an extremely popular Saturday morning breakfast spot. They also serve lunch and dinner along with their wide selection of pastries. We thought these cookies were great. The edges were nice and crispy while the middle remained soft. They tasted fresh and homemade, and were definitely not overwhelmingly sweet. We thought the cookie to chocolate ratio was excellent and overall decided this was the best cookie we tried.