SCA brings Mental Health Awareness Week to Mason


This year, Mental Health Awareness Week takes place October 4 through October 10. (Slide by SCA Wellness Committee and sophomore Victoria Lam)

Stella Turner, Features Editor

Mental Health Awareness Week (MHAW) is a national event created by the World Health Organization which strives to increase awareness of mental health. Since Congress first established the event in 1990, MHAW has taken place the first week of each October.

A list of informative and supportive resources related to mental health. (Slide by sophomore Stella Turner)

What is mental health and why is it important?

Mental health is the psychological and emotional wellbeing of a person. While many people immediately associate it with mental illness, it’s important to note that disorders are only a part of mental health, similar to how diseases are only a part of physical health.

The importance of mental health revolves around its ability to positively or negatively affect your life, and subsequently the lives around you. 

What is the SCA Wellness Committee doing for Mental Health Awareness Week?

The SCA Wellness Committee, chaired by Executive Board member sophomore Erin Tarpgaard, has put together a virtual spirit week to encourage mindfulness through recommended daily activities.

Movement Monday (Slide by sophomore Erin Tarpgaard)

Monday, October 5, is “Movement Monday!” Mustangs should plan an activity that doesn’t involve sitting down at their desk. The SCA Wellness Committee recommends going outside, playing sports safely, and stretching. 

Disconnect Tuesday (Slide by sophomore Chloe Calabrese)

Tuesday, October 6, is “Disconnect Tuesday!” Following a recent push in Advisory classes to spend time away from our computer screens, this day is dedicated to non-technological ventures. This includes, but is not limited to, reading books, going for a walk, playing with pets, doing schoolwork on paper, turning off phone notifications, and staying away from social media.

Creative Wednesday (Slide by junior Bora Cecia)

Wednesday, October 7, is “Creative Wednesday!” Sometimes, monotonous academic work can put a damper on creativity. All Mustangs are encouraged to spend time doing fun activities such as drawing, writing, singing, or taking pictures.

Random Acts of Kindness Thursday (Slide by sophomore Hanna Hall)

Thursday, October 8, is “Random Acts of Kindness Thursday!” Not only are acts of kindness scientifically proven to enhance your mood, it also brightens the day of those around you. Some ideas provided by the SCA Wellness Committee are to write a letter, give a compliment, ask about someone’s day, donate to charity, pick up trash, give a hug, or cook for someone.

Family Friday (Slide by sophomore Victoria Lam)

Friday, October 9, is “Family Friday!” Even though students and staff now spend the entire school day at home, it can be difficult to find time to spend with family. Plan a time where you and your family can enjoy nature, play board games, have a movie night, or do something else together.

Reflection Saturday (Slide by junior Emma McDonald)

Despite not being a school day, Saturday, October 10 will be “Reflection Saturday!” The committee would like Mustangs to reflect on their social, school, and family lives. Possible prompts include what you’re grateful for, things you love about yourself, how you are taking care of your mind and body, and more.

To see more about the spirit week activities, view this slideshow.