5 ideas for a Covid-19 friendly Halloween

Kaylah Curley, Staff Reporter

jack o lantern with mask
This Halloween will be unlike any other. Here are five ideas to make Halloween a little more safe during the pandemic. (Graphic by Matthew Lin)

Halloween is coming up and no one knows what to expect due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Halloween 2020 takes place on a Saturday so there is no need to worry about staying up late for school the next day. Daylight savings occurs on November 1 giving people an extra hour to celebrate. The usual joy of Halloween is being able to go up to houses and getting candy, but due to the pandemic many people may not be comfortable with that. Here are some ideas for a pandemic-safe and fun Halloween:

1: Disinfecting treats: Disinfecting the outside of treats when you return home can make regular trick-or-treating a little more safe, but there is still a contact risk.                   

2: Pre-made candy bags: During the Halloween season most stores sell small bags that can hold a small amount of candy for the trick-or-treaters. This idea would be minimizing the number of people touching the candy as you would only be touching your bag. Disinfecting can also be used here.

3: #YeetTheTreats:  A Hashtag that can be found on most social media platforms might be a good idea: #Yeetthetreats. Yeet is when volunteers drive and throw the treats into the lawns of the trick-or-treaters. The volunteers can wear gloves to avoid contact. People can always disinfect the thrown treats as another precaution.

4: Easter Eggs in the fall: Limiting contact is one of the most important things that should be avoided. Families could try Easter egg hunting, with a COVID Halloween twist. Candy could be put into easter eggs and trick-or-treaters could come and pick one egg with candy.

5: A scavenger hunt for your family members: A contactless way to have fun during Halloween but still take precautions could be just having a scavenger hunt around your neighborhood.

In situations like trick-or-treating, there are always things that are probably the best to avoid. Grab bowls with candy in them are something that needs to be avoided as there is a lot of contact involved and the risk of transmission is higher.