Need a break? Refresh with these Learning Support activities

Emma Roncoroni, Staff Reporter

When they don’t have a scheduled appointment with a teacher during Learning Support, many Mason students find themselves searching for relaxing self-care activities in an effort to get off of the computer screen that they are tied to all day. Lasso writer Emma Roncoroni has provided her favorite ways to get creative and make the most out of the midday break.

1. Go for a run, walk, or bike ride

Sophomore Mia Mayer plays with her dog on a break from her online school work. (Photo courtesy of Mia Mayer)

Getting your heart rate up is a terrific way to unleash your endorphins and an excellent excuse to get outside and enjoy the beautiful fall weather. It’s also a great opportunity to catch up on your favorite artists’ new releases or a new podcast, while also providing you with the ability to explore the nearby and adored Falls Church City bike trails.

2. Catch up with friends and family 

Even though you might sometimes feel sick of them at this point, the reality is that your family is the most reliable group of people to hang out with during the week. Although we are stuck inside with them all day, the time is normally spent doing school or other individual activities. Use this time as a quick catch up or bonding time, either with a board game or simply eating lunch with them. But, if you need a break for them, FaceTiming or calling a friend is a great option!

3. Read a book

Fun fact: reading can actually be enjoyable and fun when it isn’t required for english class! There’s a wide variety of books out there for everyone, so don’t be discouraged if one doesn’t excite you. Be sure to find a nice change of scenery such as your backyard or nearby park as an alternative to the monotonous desk space you get to stare at all the time.  

4. Arts and crafts

Since we don’t have easy access to our normal hobbies now, it’s important to get creative with what is available to you. Some fun ideas for arts and crafts include painting, bracelet making, and experimenting with clay. Also, since most hours are spent in your room you might as well make it nice to look at by redecorating. Picture collages of your favorite people or places can help inspire and motivate you to get through that math assignment you’ve been putting off. Be sure to check out Maya Chatterjee’s creative business for some inspiration.

5. Write in a journal

This is definitely not the first time that you are hearing this, but we are living during unprecedented times. You’ll remember these days for the rest of your lives, whether you want to or not, and you will tell your future kids or friends about what it was like growing up during a pandemic. Not everyone gets to tell that story, so make the most of it! Writing in a journal is a fantastic way to record what’s happening.

Sophomore Erin Tarpgaard shows off her homemade smoothie bowl. (Photo courtesy of  Erin Tarpgaard)

6. Bake or cook a fun meal

Food is one of the few changes that occur in your daily life during a pandemic, so make it interesting! Fun meals also can help make the week go by faster by planning “Taco Tuesday” nights or “Mac & Cheese Mondays.” Be sure to look up various meals you haven’t had in a while to get fueled up for the afternoon class times!

7. Recharge

Take a power nap! The world is asking a lot from us right now, and it’s important to catch up on precious hours of sleep. Although binging that Netflix show is tempting, you’ll thank yourself later if you choose to take a nap. Don’t forget to set that alarm though, you don’t want to miss your next (very exciting) class.