10 ideas to deal with election stress

Audrey Morrison and Megan Clinton

graphic of trump and biden
We are living in a very stressful time due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the presidential election, and navigating being a high school student during virtual school. It is important that time is taken out of the day to cope and distract yourself from your stress. (Graphic by Matthew Lin)

Many people are experiencing many different emotions right now with the uncertainty of the election. It’s okay and normal to feel overwhelmed or stressed. Here are 10 ways you can cope or distract yourself from the fast paced world we are living in:

1. Clean or rearrange your room

Cleaning your room is a very relaxing activity that will give your mind a break and to allow you to have a fresh start to the week. When your space is clean it allows for you to be more relaxed and prepared for the stressful week ahead. 

2. Share your feelings

Talk your feelings out with a friend, parent, counselor, or other trusted person in your life. We are living through a stressful and unsure time right now between the pandemic and the election. It is important that you talk about your feelings with someone else because they might be feeling the same way too.

3. Start watching holiday movies

With all of the crazy events going on in the world we still have the holiday season to look forward to! There are plenty of Christmas movies on Netflix and Disney Plus to stream to get into the Holiday spirit.

4. Disconnect from your devices

Social media and the internet can be very stressful and toxic places as we wait for the results of the election. Staying off of your phone and doing fun activities such as reading and coloring can help distract you from the fast paced world of social media. 

5. Listen to a favorite song or artist from your childhood

There is a lot of comfort to be found in nostalgia, so tune into your old favorites. Indulge in some guilty pleasures like Colbie Caillat, One Direction, or Sam Smith.

6. Spend time with your pets

Your pets have no idea of what’s going on in the world and are the perfect distraction. Cuddle with your pet, give them some treats, or play with their favorite toys.

7. Practice self care

Prioritize your mental health and take a break from everything that is causing your stress in your life and focus on yourself. Meditating or doing face masks are a great way to pamper yourself.

8. Bake a sweet treat

Treat yourself! There are a lot of yummy treats you can take the time to bake from scratch such as pumpkin bread, cookies, brownies, or cupcakes. You can also support local businesses such as the Northside social, the Little City Creamery, or Bakeshop where you can purchase a sweet treat.

9. Watch a comedy show that’s NOT SNL

Try to stay away from politically fueled sketches to pass the time. There’s a myriad of great semi-nonpolitical stand-up sets. Check out Donald Glover’s Weirdo, Jenny Slate’s Stage Fright, Seth Meyers’ Lobby Baby, and of course; John Mulaney’s Kid Gorgeous at Radio City.

10. Get some fresh air

Go on a hike or a walk around your neighborhood to enjoy the nice fall weather while it lasts. There are plenty of parks in Falls Church you can walk to that have a quiet places to take a moment to pause and process your emotions and thoughts.