Mason students react to Biden win

Sam Mostow, Advertising & Social Media Editor

crowd in DC
Biden supporters gather in DC on Saturday to celebrate America’s new President-elect. (Photo courtesy of Chloe Reithinger)

Falls Church City voted for former Vice President Joseph Biden with 81.7% of the vote. After a tiring few days of delayed results, Pennsylvania and its 20 electoral votes were called shortly before 11:30 a.m. on Saturday, November 7, securing a victory for former Vice President Biden. After learning this news, some Mason students took to the streets to celebrate.

Senior Ella Reithinger had been watching the news for “three straight days,” wanting to be awake when Biden was declared the winner. But Reithinger was actually asleep when Pennsylvania was called.

“I woke up to my mom shouting as it happened, so then I knew that [Biden] had won and I ran downstairs to the TV,” Reithinger said.

Reithinger and her family went with their impulses and immediately drove to downtown DC, where an impromptu celebration was starting.

“We got to DC about twenty minutes after [the results were] announced, and already it was super packed when we were walking,” Reithinger said. “The streets had so much traffic, but it was the type where people were hanging out of their cars and honking with flags and Biden-Harris signs. Everyone was just cheering and people even climbed the traffic lights in front of the gates around the White House to hold signs in the crowd.”

“I personally think the whole day was memorable because of the significance it had to so many people and that this announcement had finally come after what felt like forever waiting for the results,” Reithinger added.

A few hours after sophomore Bella Fazio woke up, she saw the news that Pennsylvania was called for Biden on Twitter. 

“I was super happy,” Fazio said. “Biden wasn’t my first choice, nor do I like him very much, but he is better than Trump and I believe he will put our country in the right direction.”

Fazio remembers watching Biden’s victory speech with her family and taking a picture of the next morning’s New York Times front page that read “BIDEN BEATS TRUMP.”

“I think what was memorable was the fact that I felt a weight was lifted,” Fazio said. “Like I know Biden won’t solve many of the problems in our country, But I felt as if a major obstacle was taken down…I just saw videos of people celebrating in DC and just felt happy for how happy those people were.”

When her mom announced the news, sophomore Mia Mayer’s first reaction to hearing the news was disbelief. 

“At first, I thought [my mom] was joking, but as soon as it settled in, I couldn’t stop smiling,” Mayer said. “I was so stunned and excited that I didn’t even finish my breakfast.”

Mayer was able to celebrate with her grandparents. She reflected on how, despite their conservative views, they voted for Biden in this election.

“They have recently placed a Biden 2020 and a Black Lives Matter sign on their front lawn, while many of their neighbors have Trump and blue lives matter flags,” Mayer said. “Celebrating Biden’s victory together with them made me hopeful of our country’s potential for change, though we still have a very long way to go.”