Keep an eye out for these re-recorded Taylor Swift songs

Clara Kasik, Staff Reporter

After two surprise albums in five months, Taylor Swift fans still have more to look forward to. “You hear my stolen lullabies” was a line many Taylor Swift fans were talking about when she released her album “folklore” this summer. 

Taylor Swift is one of today’s biggest pop culture icons. With a total of 173 songs, she has a song for every single mood imaginable as well as songwriting creativity that blows other artists out of the park. But Swift’s first six albums are actually not owned by her, they’re owned by Big Machine Records. However, starting November 2020, she is finally allowed to record and release her music herself. This marks a big moment in her career because she’ll finally be able to claim her older music as her own. Here are some songs to be on the lookout for when she releases her new recordings of past favorites.

all of Taylor Swift's albums she doesn't own
Pictured is the six albums to be released, including her Debut album, Fearless, Speak Now, Red, 1989, and reputation. (Collage by Clara Kasik)

“Enchanted” from Speak Now

I’m so excited to hear how her voice has matured with this song. It’s always been a classic for Swifties, so this song will be very fun to hear again.

“All Too Well” from Red

Rumor has it that Miss Swift might be releasing a seven minute version of this song. As if we didn’t need any more emotional trainwreck songs from her this year.

“The Way I Loved You” from Fearless

Ah yes, the toxic relationship anthem. This song has always been so much fun and again, her voice has changed a lot since this song was released in 2008.

“Love Story” from Fearless

Swift recently posted a sneak peak of this song on her Instagram and it sounded beautiful.

“Better Than Revenge” from Speak Now

This song is a little bit misogynistic, but Taylor has changed a lot since it was first released. Will she be changing some of the lyrics so they aren’t as shaming? 

“Clean” from 1989

Swifties love this song (most of them), but I’m not a huge fan of the background music in the beginning, so I’m interested to see if she’ll mix it up a little bit.

A scene from the "Mine" music video
The “Mine” music video followed the love story between Taylor and, as many of her music videos do, a nameless blonde man. (Photo via Taylor Swift)

“Mine” from Speak Now

Miss Swift’s voice sounds very small in this song, and because she’s truly in love now (hey Joe!), I think it will have a lot more emotion than in the original.

“Picture to Burn” from Debut

Taylor Swift has been through a few hard breakups since this song was written, and she no longer has the questionable southern accent (she’s from Pennsylvania!) that was somewhat apparent in this song.

“You Are In Love” from 1989

For everyone that played the 1989 Deluxe Edition CD on repeat, this was a classic. Again, Taylor Swift is really in love now so the emotion in this song is guaranteed to be prominent.