The Roundup: Dead to Me, Modern Love, and more

Introducing new Lasso column The Roundup, which will feature our writers’ and contributors’ best recommendations!

Eva Williams, Features Editor

woman on a beanbag
On The Roundup, a Lasso writer or contributor shares some of their favorite movies, podcasts, books… anything. Tune in every week to catch the recommendations of your fellow Mustangs! (Graphic by Ellen Chadwick)

Catch Me If You Can

Steven Spielberg is known for his dramatic, action-filled plots — Jaws, Raiders of the Lost Ark, Jurassic Park. Catch Me If You Can, which he directed, contrasts these films. You won’t bite your fingernails or throw your popcorn in surprise, but there is still an aspect of suspense. The film follows Frank Abagnale Jr., a 17-year old boy, who leaves home to pursue a new career — con-artist. He dawns pilot, layer, and doctor uniforms, all while forging checks, stealing thousands of dollars, and running from the United States F.B.I. The movie is worth a watch for the actors alone. Leonardo Dicaprio plays Frank, bringing the same stunning intimacy he brings to every movie. Tom Hanks is snarky but kind as the F.B.I. agent hunting Frank down. Elizabeth Banks, Jennifer Garner, Ellen Pompeo, and Amy Adams also make appearances. Catch it on Netflix before it leaves on January 31st.

Judy and Jen at grief counseling group
A grief counseling group in Laguna Beach, CA, starts off Judy and Jen’s rollercoaster friendship. (Photo via Saeed Adyani/Netflix)

Dead to Me

Christina Applegate and Linda Cardellini, the stars of Dead to Me, have described the show as a traumedy (a trauma-comedy). And while different genres seem to also apply (thriller! romance! mystery!), traumedy sums it up pretty nicely. The show follows the two women, Applegate playing Jen, an unfriendly, sarcastic widow, and Cardellini playing Judy, a bohemian people-pleaser. They form an unlikely bond at a grief counseling group, where Jen admits her husband was killed in a hit-and-run, and Judy shares that her fiancée recently passed away. Quickly, you’ll learn this: Judy’s fiancée (James Marsden!) is very much alive and knows quite a bit about how Jen’s husband died. The show is dark, funny, and a must-watch. Find it on Netflix. 

the hosts of Modern Love
The hosts of the Modern Love podcast and editors of the Modern Love column, Daniel Jones and Miya Lee. (Photo via The New York Times)

Modern Love

Four years ago, the New York Times column, Modern Love, became a podcast. Famous actors read aloud the love stories people around the world submitted. Recently, the editors of the column revamped the podcast. Listeners can hear a short story, a love story, and an update on where the author of the love story is now. Don’t expect a mushy, romantic story every episode – most of the stories are sharp and funny, and a surprising majority of them don’t have the true love ending you’d expect. Episodes are short – half an hour – at the most, and serve as a touching reminder of what matters most. Plus, the theme song is perfection. Find it wherever you stream your podcasts.