The Lasso’s 2020 gift guide

Need a last minute gift? We’ve got you covered with our ideas for friends, siblings, parents, and grandparents.

For your friends 

custom letter necklace
Is your best friend obsessed with jewelry? Etsy has custom letter necklaces that are the perfect gift. (Photo via GracePersonalized on Etsy)
movie scratch-off poster
For all the film buffs in your life — this scratch off movie poster is perfect! Movies of all genres and time periods are featured. Find it at Uncommon Goods. (Photo via Uncommon Goods)







For your siblings

shower speaker
A shower speaker, to remind your sibling of the actual words to songs. (Photo via WunderHaas)
Washington Nationals blanket
Get your sibling a blanket from their favorite sports team to cozy up in during games. (Photo via Redbubble)


peacock tab
A Peacock subscription, so they don’t have to say goodbye to their favorite shows on Netflix just yet. (Photo via 9to5Mac)

For your parents


holiday candles
We’ll all be spending a little more time at home this holiday season — your parents will love your house smelling like a winter wonderland. (Photo via Trader Joe’s)
babysitting voucher
Gifts don’t have to be objects or clothes. Give your parents the gift that keeps on giving by volunteering to babysit younger siblings, so your parents can have a night off. (Photo via Elle and Company Design)

For your grandparents


bird metal sculpture
Every time your grandparent looks out their window and sees this beautiful art piece, they’ll think of you. Find it on Uncommon Goods. (Photo via Uncommon Goods)
blue apron box
It’s harder for everyone to shop nowadays, especially our elderly or at-risk relatives. Give your grandparents a coupon for Blue Apron or Hello Fresh so they can get all the ingredients for home cooked meals without leaving the house. (Photo via Food Business News)