Mitigation strategies still need to be taken seriously

Elizabeth Creed, Staff Reporter

collaboration area
As hybrid begins in the new building, students will be required to follow social distancing guidelines. Lasso writer Elizabeth Creed shares why students need to take COVID mitigation very seriously. (Photo by Charlie Adams)

With students set to return to in-person learning on February 23, many are excited to regain some sense of normalcy. However, in order to continue forward with our plans, we all need to remember to take mitigation strategies seriously. 

We are approaching the one year mark since the start of quarantine in the U.S. and it’s understandable that people are getting tired of this pandemic. The constant reminders to wear a mask and stay socially distant may seem redundant, but these guidelines are still extremely important. 

Over 450,000 people in the U.S. are dead because of this virus and the numbers of cases continue to rise. Vaccine distribution has started, but it will still take months for many to receive their first shot. And, even with our FCCPS staff being fully vaccinated, risk of cases amongst students and transmission throughout the schools remains high.

The reality is, despite how much we all wish our lives could return to normal, the COVID-19 pandemic is our “new normal.” In order to finally end the onslaught of tragic deaths in America, as well as our long period of social isolation, we need to continue to abide by mitigation protocol. This includes properly wearing our face masks, staying at least six feet away from others, and avoiding large gatherings. 

Everyone is annoyed by the pandemic, but it is essential that we follow social distancing guidelines so that this unwanted period can end sooner rather than later. 

This will take all of us — students, staff, and community members alike — to make hybrid-learning possible and sustainable. If we all work together, hybrid learning can be successful and a full, five-day return to school can become an attainable goal. 

Throughout this whole pandemic, FCCPS’s motto has been “better together” and that couldn’t be a more true statement. We will get through this pandemic by supporting each other through all the obstacles thrown our way. If we continue to abide by social distancing protocols, we can make the return to in-person learning because we truly are better together.