The Roundup: The Strokes, Community, and more

Isabel Costa, Staff Reporter

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Community is a six-season, extremely underrated show on Netflix that follows a study group of seven students at the fictional Greendale Community College. This show puts funny twists on every famous trope in the media, featuring characters you can’t help but love (and hate) and a ridiculous school that’s constantly on the edge of falling apart. Viewers can watch the characters evolve from some of the worst people ever to a close group of friends who help and learn from each other. In addition to the main characters, there are several side characters who get their own storylines throughout the movie and add so much to the sitcom. This show is great to watch if you want to laugh out loud, but be warned that you might end up crying over your favorite characters. 

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Winter is coming to an end, but if you’re still holding on to the hopes of a snowy season, I recommend this 2014 Wes Anderson movie.  The film tells the story of the strange events surrounding the fictional Grand Budapest Hotel in the country of Zubrowka. The main character, Zero, was once a lobby boy at the hotel, and he narrates the story of his adventures following Gustav (played by the same actor as Voldemort!), the eccentric concierge. The scenery and sets of this movie are particularly well done, with bright color pallets and gorgeous mountains. The movie will grab your attention with beautiful scenes and hold it with the quirky and witty characters. 

Is This It – The Strokes

The Strokes are the peak of 2000s indies music. (Photo via Amazon)

In 2020, The Strokes released their highly anticipated 6th studio album, and although it was pretty good, I think nothing can top their 2001 debut album, Is This It. The band is described as a rock band, but this album has been called a wonderful mix of alternative, rock, and pop. The band focused on a natural sound, leaving their songs heavily untouched in the recording process. Many songs from this album feel like they could come straight out of a teen coming-of-age movie, like “Is This It” and “Last Nite,” and are perfect for listening to with your friends. Guitarist Nick Valensi plays catchy and fun riffs on “Soma” and “Alone, Together,” and drummer Fabrizio Moretti livens up “Someday” and “Modern Age.” It may feel like we’re all living through a movie right now, but who said it had to be a pandemic movie? These songs are perfect for all our favorite teen activities — driving nowhere your windows down, late night fire pits with friends, or procrastinating your homework.