The Roundup: Punisher, Judy Blume, and more

Clara Kasik, Staff Reporter

“Punisher” by Phoebe Bridgers

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The alt-rock artist Phoebe Bridgers released “Punisher” in mid-2020. The album features a unique blend of folksy instrument playing with eerie lyrics. The album is seemingly haunted by Bridgers’ voice. A few notable tracks include “Kyoto,” a happy tune with trumpets playing in the background and “Moon Song,” a beautiful song with heartbreaking lyrics. Don’t forget to include “I Know The End” in your listen, which changes from slow and sad to creepy and chilling. This album is perfect for someone who “listens to everything,” as it has rock, folk, and pop songs featured.

Forever… by Judy Blume

Although this book was published in 1975, Judy Blume never fails to write a story that you’re unable to put down.You might recognize Judy Blume as the author of several other books including Are You There God? It’s Me Margaret along with the infamous Fudge books like Tales Of A Fourth Grade Nothing.  Forever… is about a high school couple, Katherine and Micheal, who meet on New Years Eve of their senior year and quickly fall in love. All is well until Katherine’s parents force her to become a counselor at a camp far away for the summer. Will their love survive the many obstacles thrown at them? Fair warning, this story does have mature themes, however it’s dealt with in a very positive way.

cast of new girl
Above is the underrated Fox show New Girl. (Photo via Fox)

New Girl

It surprises me every time someone says they haven’t seen New Girl. This Fox sit-com, found on Netflix, follows a quirky woman named Jess on her adventures with her new roommates and old friends. It’s equal parts funny and cute, and never fails to make me laugh. If you need a lighthearted comedy to watch this season, don’t hesitate to turn to New Girl.