Ask Truman #3


Graphic by Truman Lapp

Ask Truman is Lasso writer Truman’s advice column.

Truman Lapp, Video/Broadcast Editor

Hey guys. I’m Truman. They gave me an advice column.  

People sent a lot of good questions via the Ask Truman Google Form (linked here), and the @LassoGM Instagram story, so I did my best to answer all of them.

Which Pride and Prejudice character do you identify with the most? – Anonymous

I’m gonna have to say Mr. Collins. He really captures my special attention.

Whazza meaning of life? – George Jefferson

Hey George, 

Your guess is as good as mine. If I had to guess, I’d probably say something about how the meaning of life is to help people in any way you can, learn to have greater sympathy for other people, and to generally leave the world a better place than you found it. Realistically, no idea. Good luck.

Hey Truman! How do you find any motivation to do work? (ever.) thanks! -unmotivated

Hi Unmotivated,

I also have this problem from time to time. It’s hard to sit down and work on something, especially when you aren’t 100% invested in the subject matter. Maybe think about how everything you do here and now during your high school years will forever affect what colleges you can get into, what jobs you can have, and your life in general, then let the suffocating burden of that knowledge motivate you. Or eat a cookie every time you finish a task. It’s up to you.

My depression has been really bad since the start of this year and it’s making work really hard and I’m beginning to worry that I’ll fail the year. I think part of the problem is that I don’t really have friends here that I talk to and nobody that I see. Is there any advice you have for me? -plume

Hey there Plume,

It really sounds like the best solution is to reach out to someone for help. In my personal experience, good mental health relies on a strong support system. If you’re worried about school, then email your teacher and schedule a meeting with them to talk over whatever you’re struggling with. As for making friends, I know it can be hard to meet new people, especially in our current situation. Maybe join some clubs? [Editor’s note: join The Lasso!] I’ve found that those can be a great way to meet new people. If you’re not part of any clubs, I’d highly recommend you do so. Having people to fall back on can make a big difference towards your good mental health.

Thank you to all the people who sent in questions. I do my best to answer every person asking for advice, so if you want to be in the next installment of Ask Truman, ask me a question in this form

Until next time.