Mustangs weigh in on proposed school names

Megan Clinton and Audrey Morrison

Next week, The Falls Church City School Board will be voting on the new names of George Mason High School and Thomas Jefferson Elementary School. This comes after the name change committees for each school proposed five potential names to the School Board. The proposed names for GMHS are Meridian High School, Metropolitan High School, Metro View High School, Tinner Hill High School, and West End High School. The School Board is not limited to the proposed names—students can share their thoughts and propose other names through this form.

Here are some student reactions to the proposed names:

(Photo by Megan Clinton)




“Metropolitan is the best one. It just kinda sounds chic. Metro Mustangs sounds really good. It’s like futuristic.”

-Ricardo Quiroz (11)









(Photo by Megan Clinton)




“I like Meridian, I just think it goes well with what we already have. Meridian Mustangs just rolls off the tongue.”

-Cade Ruoff (12)











“I don’t like any of the names to be honest. If I had to pick I guess West End High school. It has a ring to it.”

– Megan Mann (11)







(Photo by Megan Clinton)




“I don’t particularly care about the name, mostly because I am new to Falls Church. I don’t have any relationship with George Mason so for me [the name] doesn’t particularly matter. “

– Rachel Brantley (9)








(Photo by Megan Clinton)




“I don’t like the names Metro View or Metropolitan. I don’t want to base our identity off of a Metro station. I like Tinner Hill, it’s someone we want to memorialize.”

– Eva Geisinger (9)








(Photo by Megan Clinton)




“I don’t like Metro View, it sounds like an advertisement.”

– Declan Kennedy (9)









(Photo by Megan Clinton)




“Meridian sounds like a name for a financing firm for the extremely wealthy or a Silicon Valley startup.”

– Nicholas Pratt (11)