“Mustang Mug” brews joy among students

Isabel Costa and Tucker Ward

Freshman Sean Lewin drinks his coffee in the Mustang Mug’s seating area during Learning Support.  (Tucker Ward)

On last Monday, April 19, the long-awaited Mustang Mug finally opened to the entire school. The school-run cafe serves customizable coffee and cold brew, as well as iced and hot teas. They also offer smoothies, fruit juices, lemonade, bottled water, and a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. 

To make a purchase, students must pre-order using the online order form provided on Schoology. Each item purchased is charged to the student’s MySchoolBucks account using their student ID number, which FCCPS schools use for breakfast and lunch. Pre-ordering starts 15 minutes before the end of each class. There are a limited number of orders available for each block, and on opening day, all 20 drink slots were filled for every period. 

At the end of each block, orders are filled by the hardworking Mustang Mug staff, who create an efficient pick-up system and a warm environment. The Mug features a small seating area where students can relax and enjoy their drinks with friends during free periods and between blocks. 

The high school recently unveiled the Mustang Mug, a school-run café located on the second floor of the new building. (Tucker Ward)

The new coffee shop is a cheaper and efficient replacement for many students’ morning Starbucks. Coming back to school 4 days a week has been a big adjustment for many students who were used to being in the comfort of their own home, and the Mustang Mug provides the fuel they need to get through their day. 

Students described feeling “excited” and “impressed” by the new school-run coffee shop. Freshman Sean Lewin ordered the Mustang Brew and described the drink and experience as “thoroughly enjoyable.”

On the opening day, sophomore Jay Humphreys ordered one drink during each block to test out his options. “My favorite drink of the day was a coffee with almond milk and a caramel drizzle,” he said.

The Mustang Mug is open for business and operating smoothly. So far, it’s been a success among students like Lewin and Humphreys, who recommend trying out the new cafe.