We made a Best Chris poll, and everyone was wrong

Hedda Jagerskog and Eva Williams

Most Talented

Poll winner: Evans

Real winner: Jenner

Kris Jenner, not Chris Evans, is the true most talented Ch/Kris.

C’mon guys, we all know being the momager of the world’s arguably most famous sisters (two of whom are self-made billionaires!) requires some serious talent. Managing is art. Acting is just lying.

Most intelligent

Poll winner: Evans

True winner: Pine 

Results from the poll named Chris Evans as the most intelligent. This is wrong!

While Evans has played some smart guys, Chris Pine is the obvious choice for most intelligent. He’s quiet! And pensive! And he’s never in the public eye! Probably because he’s reading books and watching documentaries. 


Poll winner: Evans 

True winner: Evans 

Poll results named Chris Evans the kindest, and we have to agree.

We’ll give this one to Chris Evans. Haven’t you seen the videos of him helping people up the stairs at the Oscars? Very kind. Also, he loves his dog. Dog people = kind. 


Poll winner: Pratt 

True winner: Hemsworth 

Chris Pratt was labeled the funniest Chris, but we have to go with Chris Hemsworth.

Oh, Chris Pratt. You might be funny in Parks and Rec and Guardians of the Galaxy, but other people are telling you what to say. (Plus, you were voted worst Chris. Very unfortunate, but we have to stick to this.) Chris Hemsworth is most definitely the funniest Chris. He’s always teasing his brother Liam, his SNL sketches are the best, and his Instagram is *chef’s kiss.* 


Poll winner: Evans

True winner: Evans 

Chris Evans was named the best Chris. A true winner!

Yeah, this one is hard to dispute. I mean, let’s go back to the dog/helping people up the stairs thing. Plus, he’s Captain America. Speaks for itself, right?