Scenes and Results from the Spirit Week Volleyboys Game

Senior, Case Rich, serves the ball over the net.

Sierra Sulc, Editor-in-Chief

As another one of Mason’s homecoming traditions, the Junior and Senior boys go to practices with experienced volleyball players from their grade to learn the game for a week in September and October before dueling during Spirit Week. On Wednesday, October 14, in the George Mason main gym the Junior and Seniors played against each other to win, get spirit points for their grade, and most of all earn bragging rights.  

This year, the Seniors won against the Juniors, 2-0, in a shutout and everyone was so excited, that they begged head referee and assistant volleyball coach, Bradley Young, to play another set to 15. When playing this set the juniors had a lead and were coming back which lead to more enthusiasm from the crowd and the junior team on the sidelines. Yet, during a serving streak by the seniors, the junior lead slowly diminished; leaving the Senior team with another win in the match and their second victory since last year when the they beat the seniors as juniors.

Above are pictures that The Lasso reporters captured during the exhilarating event.