The Homecoming Royalty of 2015

The Homecoming Royalty of 2015

Sierra Sulc, Editor-in-Chief

Every year during halftime at the Homecoming football game, the Homecoming Court is introduced. The

Senior homecoming queen Sabine Wills (left), accompanied by senior homecoming king, Dorian Charpentier, (right) pose for a photo after being announced as the homecoming royalty of 2015. They were elected by their peers through a double ballot election. (Photo by Carol Sly)

students vote for this court according to their grade via a poll. Students nominate their peers in the first round. In the second ballot, the five girls and five boys (ten for the seniors) who were nominated most were put in a final ballot. The students then vote for one boy and one girl as homecoming representatives for their grade. The senior class has five couples in the court, while all the other grades have one couple.When the couples walk across the field during halftime, the biography they submitted is read on the loudspeaker. Once all the students have walked across the field, the senior boy and senior girl with the most votes are crowned homecoming king and queen.

“I didn’t expect it. I was pretty surprised,” said Charpentier. Both the king and queen were shocked when they were announced as the homecoming winners. This year’s royalty, Sabine Wills and Dorian Charpentier, are now a part of Mason history, the kings and queens of the past and those to come. Congratulations to these two royal seniors.

Below, The Lasso brings you this year’s homecoming king and queen along with their biographies. (Editor’s Note: The king and queen’s biographies were written by the royals themselves, Dorian Charpentier and Sabine Wills)

Elected as homecoming king for 2015 is senior, Dorian Charpentier. This year is the first year that he has been on the court. He is the Secretary-General of Model United Nations, a member of Amnesty International and the Student Liaison to the School Board. He does Track and rec (recreational) basketball. He would like to remind you that, yes, rec does count. His favorite aspects of George Mason life are the most helpful teachers he’s ever met and the high-speed Wi-Fi. His plans for the near future include finishing his extended essay, catching up on homework, catching up on sleep, and maybe later, stop procrastinating. His life plans include going to college to explore new subjects because he has no idea what to do after that. Something you may not know about Dorian is that he named his cat Mercutio, after the character in Romeo and Juliet.

George Mason’s homecoming queen for 2015 is senior, Sabine Wills. Sabine is a member of the Future Educators of America club, and a co-leader of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes. She also belongs to the Mustang PAC, but unlike members of national PACs, Sabine is driven by empathy and concern. Sabine is involved in both Field Hockey and Track, meaning she is equally prepared to fight or flee in any scenario. Thankfully, Sabine has not had to use her very particular set of skills, as everyone at Mason is so kind and welcoming. This is her favorite aspect of being in the George Mason community. Sabine hopes to pursue a career in education. Her love for children and extensive knowledge of disney princesses, specifically Belle, will ensure her a spot in the hearts of many elementary schoolers. Sabine also plans to maintain strong friendships with Ziggy and Zach. You may not know that Sabine is the most wonderful person you will ever meet. She will give you words of wisdom, encouragement, and a good old pun regardless of who you are. She also has excellent dance moves. She is immensely grateful for your support and hopes you all had a great homecoming weekend.