Thanksgiving or Thanksgetting?


Sierra Sulc, Editor-in-Chief

Employees breaking up a fight between customers during a Black Friday sale. Every year on the Friday after Thanksgiving, people fight over the hottest deals. (Photo courtesy of CyberHades.)

The Thanksgiving holiday is a time for families to come together, enjoy a feast, and express how thankful they are. As its name suggests, the reason Thanksgiving is celebrated is to recognize how thankful people are for things in their life. The gratefulness does not seem to last long however; for as soon as the sun sets, chaos erupts.

In stores and shopping malls around the nation, people trample each other to get the newest discounted product for the infamous early morning hours of Black Friday.

Some stores may open as early as Thursday evening and remain open all through Friday. Stores heavily discount their products as part of this event. Some people even go as far as camping outside of stores on Thanksgiving to ensure that they will be one of the first into the store.

Isn’t it horrifying how only hours after celebrating how thankful they are, people are willing to go to such extremes to fight over a $20 Coach iPhone case?

With fists flying, these deal-craving customers will stop at nothing to get as little as five dollars off an Xbox 360 or 20% off a sofa. Though, not all injuries are inflicted on purpose. There are stories of people being trampled to death by crowds of bargain-hunting customers rushing through the store.

Not only this, but people will violently run over anyone in their way. Fights, such as the one pictured above, are caught on camera and go viral every year. Viewers’ readiness to view these horrific videos speaks to the people’s tendency towards violence. It is unfortunate that people are more entertained by the fights than disturbed.

Thanksgiving is a beautiful holiday that represents family, love, and gratefulness, but is unfortunately followed by its polar opposite, Black Friday. People’s greed on Black Friday causes flared tempers, injuries, and, in some extreme cases, even death. This has gotten to a ridiculous point. People value saving a few bucks over the well-being of another living, breathing, human being.