Record number of Mustangs register to vote


Sierra Sulc, Editor-in-Chief

“Voting is our fundamental basic right as a citizen and I feel it’s important for everybody to have a voice in who gets elected to our government.”

Senior Dorian Charpentier fills out his registration form
Seniors fill out their registration forms at the LWV registration table.
Jacob Bruner, a Mason senior, concentrates on his form as he fills it out.
A flyer that was passed out to students who registered, informing them on the registration and the voting process sits on the table along with “National Voter Registration Day” sticker.

These are the words of Renee Andrews, a member of the Falls Church City Electoral Board and League of Women Voters. Andrews has been coming to George Mason to help students register with the League of Women Voters (LWV) for the past five years and, according to her, this year’s turnout on Thursday, January 21 was the “biggest yet” with nearly 80 students registered in two short hours.

Every year, The LWV comes to Mason to encourage students to vote and help them register. Even as she was talking to The Lasso, Andrews was excited to help the students who were registering to vote for the first time, answering their questions on how to fill out their forms.

The students were just as excited.

“I am excited for the election. It’s cool to actually be able to impact it, myself,” said first time voter, Annie Ferguson, senior.

This annual voting registration at Mason is a great, easy opportunity for students who are learning how to register to vote for the first time. It is only possible with the generous volunteers from the League of Women Voters.

“I do  everything I can to see that the largest number of qualified citizens are able to vote,” Andrews said.