Destiny April update inbound!!

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Matthew Ng

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The Destiny April update is now inbound everyone! On Tuesday, April 12th, Bungie is going to release its new content that it has been saving for a while now. So buckle up everyone, we’re heading to the Reef!

Some of the new content can be really exciting to look into. Calling out to our Destiny gamers here, the Reef is finally becoming useful again! Variks the Loyal is bringing some new weaponry and armor gear to the Reef with a couple of new Prison of Elders challenges that are levels 41 and 42. The level 42 Prison of Elders called “Challenge of Elders”, is a unqiue challenge because instead of just finishing the challenge, your loot drop is based on how you score in the Arena so be prepared to fight for your life! The light level is being increased to 335 and the max weapons and armor can get in the Kings Fall Raid is now 330. And well, thats just one of three updates on the April update! So for now I hope to see you guys among the stars, Guardians. Lets get prepared to face this new Taken menace!