Guys! We’ve got trouble, Incursion incoming!


Matthew Ng

Wow April 12 is a special day. First the Destiny update, now the Division first of two free expansions! Yes the Incursion is coming to New York area. This is going to be a great update with some bug fixes and a whole new end game activity, Falcon Lost!

The Falcon Lost mission is going to be a four man activity that takes place underground in a water treatment facility which has been turned into an enemy fortress! There will be new gear that is going to give a boost to your character if you manage to find and equip four gear pieces from a specific gear set and there are four sets total.  There are two modes to the Falcon Lost Incursion, Hard mode, which is level 31, and Challenge mode, which is even harder. There are no checkpoints in the Incursion os if your entire team goes dark, you must reset from the beginning.

Some updates to the game will be that even though the level cap is still 30, however your gear can now boost your abilities further then your level. Trading is now possible and when you receive a good piece of gear you can down drop it on the ground for others to pick it up. In Dark Zones however, you must drop in inside a Dark Zone gate in order to give it to others. New Supply drops will appear inside the Dark Zone and will definitely give players something to clash over.

Either way this is going to be a battle that you will have to fight with only your strongest will and fellow Divisionaries!