Exploring the seas of Subnautica!


(Photo courtesy of xXShadowHexXx)

Matthew Ng

Subnautica, a great survival game that takes place on the water world of Planet 4546B. This mostly new and uprising game on Steam is a great way to challenge your mind and your survival instincts on the floating water ball of space.

You’re on the Aurora, a grand space ship that suddenly gets hit by a mysterious energy pulse coming from within Planet 4546B. Multiple pods were sent out and landed on this water world. However you seem to be the only one that survived the landing. As the Aurora falls from the planet’s atmosphere, the player can watch it from the pod he or she was sent in. The Aurora eventually crash lands in the middle of all the chaos and the player will experience a shockwave coming from the massive impact site.

The player is now all on his or her own, alone, stranded in the middle of a desolate water world with nothing… but their survival instincts and crafting skills! This world is filled with materials and resources the player can find and use to their advantage. Go ahead, dream up a storm! Whether you want to build a base that reaches sky high or a underwater tank that you can take with you on the go, you can really do it all in the World of Subnautica! Better get fit guys, cause this swim is guaranteed to be longer then the English Channel!