Has Agar.io Been Replaced?


Screen shot by Grant Tomchick.

Grant Tomchick

Agar.io meets its match with the new online game Slither.io. Slither.io takes the concept created by the original game snake into a multiplayer setting. Play as a snake and grow in length by eating the glowing orbs around the map while avoiding hitting other snakes. If a snake hits you, the orbs they collected are left where their body was. Your objective is simple, get longer.

Unlike Agar.io, Slither.io allows players who just spawn to have a chance to kill the bigger players. As a small snake you can still cause larger snakes to crash into you. This makes the game more fast paced and easier to get bigger faster. You’re no longer that helpless cell that keeps getting eaten moments after you spawn. Every snake is a threat no matter the size.

I find Slither.io to be a perfected version of Agar.io due to the fact that it takes to long to grow in Agar.io. Slither.io has replaced my bookmark for Agar.io.