The Next Mobile Hit Comes Clash’n In

Grant Tomchick

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Supercell has done it again. Their latest game, Clash Royale is the fourth top grossing app so far this year according to Clash Royale is a creative strategy game that’s based on the world famous game Clash of Clans, made by the same developer. Only two months after Clash Royale’s global release, it managed to top charts and make its way onto millions of devices.  

Supercell is a mobile game developer also known for Hay Day, Boom Beach and now Clash Royale. Last year Supercell made 2.39 billion dollars from all their games, which are free to play. Their hit game Clash of Clans was the most grossing game last year and currently is looking to repeat the success this year. With their new game, Clash Royale, one question comes to the minds of gamers. Will Clash Royale top Clash of Clans?