Warframe: An Obsession


Eric Clinton

Warframe, a free-to-play game published and developed by Digital Extremes, is one of my new obsessions. Named after the suit of armor a user controls, the players, called Tenno, control a  Warframe to combat the various evils of the galaxy. There are three groups of evil. Grineer, Corpus, and Infestation. Grineer are clones with outdated yet effective weapons, produced in mass quantities. Despite being genetically ineffective and defective, their homeland is Earth. Corpus, with their salvaged robots and extensive robotics background, are also formidable opponents. The Infestation are poisonous animals: another scare Tenno must face.

The game is my new obsession because of its’ play value at its’ low cost (free!). My friends and I have put hours into this game, and there is so much left to play. The constant new content brings Digital Extremes’ gamers back to their masterpiece, and the way they frame themselves within Warframe is perfect.